Clash of Kings Turret

Clash of Kings Turret Details

The Turret is a defense facility that will attack enemies attacking the city. Upgrading the Turret will bring about better attributes. To upgrade, Golden Arrows are required. Using the following formula, 2x^2 -5x +4 you can figure out the about needed. Example: how many Golden Arrows needed to take a Turret level 3 to level 4, simply insert 3 into the equation like so… 2(3)^2 -5(3) +4 and your answer is 7 Gold Arrows to upgrade your Turret to level 4.

Your City has two (2) Turrets available to upgrade. That is a total of 33,378 Golden Arrows or 16,689 for only one (1) Turret. So is it worth it? Only if you want to spend your gold. If anything, invest in your traps for defense. They are a lot more effective when researched.

Gold Arrow Cost

  • 1 Golden Arrow – 15 Gold
  • 10 Golden Arrows  – 120 Gold
  • 100 Golden Arrows  – 1,100 Gold
  • 1000 Golden Arrows – 10,000 Gold


Clash of Kings Turret

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