How to Get Easy Gold in Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings Gold

How to Get Easy Gold in Clash of Kings

Invitation Code / Invitation

Receive an invitation code from a friend. Here are the steps need to apply it:

  1. Click your Character Portrait
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Invite
  4. Enter Code
  5. Check in game Mailbox for Rewards

No Friends? You can simply utilize one of the millions posted all over the internet. Just don’t beleive the hype regarding all the various prizes you will get if you use thier code. ALL INVITATION CODES GIVE THE SAME REWARD! So why would someone lie about the rewards? The more people that utilize one perticular user’s invitation code, the more rewards (items, gold, etc.) that user receives. Your personal invitation code is located in the Invite Friend Section. If you invite a friend and they invite a friend, you recieve 5% of the top up amount. This is a great way to increase your gold amount.

Gold Mines

Gather gold via Gol Mines is rather easy; however, it is very time consuming and takes a moderate to large amount of your troops. One (1) gold every twenty (20) minutes. Thus, it is best to harvest Gold MInes when you will be away from the game for some time.

Daily Login

Log into Clash of Kings consecutively (everyday) will get you rewarded with resources and gold. If facebook bound, you can share the reward wit friends. Likewise, you can collect even more rewards from the Harbor (ship) the longer you play the game. In order to get the Harbor gold, you should login for at least one (1) hour and thirty (30) minutes and collect the reward from  the Harbour daily.

Treasure Chest

If bound to Facebook, you can share gold with your Facebook friends on daily basis. The more friends on facebook that play, the more gold you will receive.

Quest Rewards

Various quests offer gold as a reward. That said, complete quest in a timely manner for your free gold. It should be noted that quest reward gold is not the most reliable method due to the fact not every quest offers gold. Plus, some quest take a long time to complete.

Other Ways to Get Free Gold

  • Binding your account to your prefered social network (Facebook or Goolge+) and receive 100 gold.
    • Binding to Facebook and receive 300 gold.
  • Joining an Alliance for the first time and receive 200 gold.
  • Top up the first time and receive 700 gold.
  • Participate in Limited Events and recieve various precious rewards, too include gold.
  • Follow Clash of Kings’ fan page and Participate in Clash of Kings fan contests and giveaways for free prizes, including food, gold, etc. Every week you have a chance to win about 100 to 1,000 gold. Their Facebook page ca be found here: Clash of Kings Facebook.