Clash of Kings Forging Equipment

Clash of Kings Forge

Clash of Kings Forging Equipment Details

Clash of Kings Forging Equipment is conducted within the Blacksmith. In short, forging equipment involves four (4) conditions:


Your Equipment is obtained through forging. There are five (5) types of Equipment: BOOTS, PANTS, SHIRT, HELMET, and RING. Each piece of Equipment has five (5) different levels: 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20. Each Equipment level has 1 to 3 different buffs that can be forged.


millocEach Equipment piece requires specific Materials. Each of these Materials offer a different type of buff, applied to the Equipment. You can find this information in the storage box in the Blacksmith. Materials are gathered in several ways: gifts from the port, killing world monsters, and farming. Using higher quality of materials allows for a chance at high-level Equipment. For a more detailed guide to finding Materials see our Blacksmith Material Acquisition page.

Material Acquisition

Materials needed for the forging of your equipment can be obtained through gathering resources and killing monsters within the world. Likewise, the Travelling Merchant often times offers premium Material Chest, so keep an eye out and be sure not the miss the opportunity.

Obsidian is used to gain a better chance of getting a legendary quality equipment set piece. There are two types of Obsidian, Basic Obsidian and Advanced Obsidian. Basic Obsidian can be used to forge equipment below lvl.30 while advanced Obsidian can be used to forge equipment above lv.30. Each forging will only cost you 1 obsidian. How to get Obsidian? From Dragon Tower Trails, Hero Trials, and/or Daily Quest.

From Monsters

 Note: reward all types and levels of ore regardless Monster level
  • Level 5 Monster: Level 1 Bronze (dark green)
  • Level 8 Monster: Level 1 Amber (yellow)
  • Level 8 Monster: Level 1 Bronze (dark green)
  • Level 8 Monster: Level 1 Cobalt (blue)
  • Level 10 Monster: Level 1 Garnet (red)
  • Level 12 Monster: Level 1 Jade (green)
  • Level 12 Monster: Level 1 Crystal (purple)
  • Level 13 Monster: Level 1 Garnet (pink)
  • Level 13 Monster: Level 1 Jade (green)

From Resources Plots

  • Mithril Mine – Jade, Garnet, Crystal
  • Iron Mine – Bronze, Cobalt, Amber
  • Sawmill – Maple, Fur, Bone
  • Farm – Grass, Bone, Cloth

Material Colors

The six (6) colors, from highest to lowest: Gold > Orange > Purple > Blue > Green > White. In order to upgrade a color (example: White to Green) you need four (4) of the same Material and color. In the Blacksmith Storage Box, click on the Material that you have four or more of (will have an up arrow), then simply synthesize. You will receive one (1) Material of the next upgraded color. In order to get the highest color you need to synthesize each level of color. 4 White Equals 1 Green | Green Equals 1 Blue Blue Equals 1 Purple | 4 Purple Equals 1 Orange | Orange Equals 1 Gold

Equipment Attributes

Equipment requires various Materials in order to forge. Each Material corresponds with one type of attribute added to the forged Equipment:
  • Clash of Kings Equipment AttributesMaple: Building Speed Increase
  • Crystal: Science Research Speed Increase
  • Bone: Farm Income Increase
  • Fabric:  Troop Load Increase
  • Garnet: Trap Attack Increase
  • Bronze: Infantry Attack Increase
  • Amber: Cavalry Attack Increase
  • Horn: Archer Attack Increase
  • Cobalt Ore: Chariot Attack Increase
  • Jade: Marching Speed Increase
  • Fur: Hospital Capacity Increase
  • Herb: Wounded Recovery Speed Increase

Equipment Merging

Every piece of Equipment above level 1 requires another piece of Equipment to be merged into the crafting forge in order to complete the forging process. The merged Equipment level can not be lower than five (5) grades of the forged Equipment.
  • Steel – Indispensable, Steel is a major resource in the forging of equipment. A large quantity of your Steel can be obtained via the Wishing Well. Make your wishes to received Steel on a daily basis.
  • Forging Queue – You are limited to one Equipment in the forging Queue are a time.  The Queue time is dependent on the quality of the Equipment; higher quality Equipment require longer Queue times.

Equipping Your Lord

Once your forged Equipment is complete, you will be given an option to equip it. It is highly advisable to check the buffs you currently have and change equipment as needed. This should be done as often as needed.

For example: Having the Elemental Ring (level 20) equip increases your build time; however, if you are going to attack, the Serpent´s Eye Ring (level 20) is designed for attacking and should replace the Elemental Ring. Having more than one set of equipment allows you to change depending on the situation. Forge the equipment you need, but keep in mind that most buffs are very similar.