Clash of Kings Dark Knight Event

Clash of Kings Dark Knight

To begin the Dark Knight Event an r4 or r5 Alliance member must initiate the event. Once it has begun, Dark Knights begin their large-scale attacks on Alliance member’s castles in waves of level one (1) Dark Knights begin to attack. They gradually increase their level up to level twenty-four (24); with the possibility of higher. All Alliance members need to work together and those who do work together to resist the Dark Knight invasion will be rewarded. For reward details view the event details in game at the Event Center.

They preform two (2) types of attacks: solo and rallied.

  • Solo Attacks – (EASY) consist of a single Dark Knight leading an army of an increasing size; roughly 30,000 level 1 troops to 180,000 level 24 troops.
  • Rallied Attacks – (EXTREME) consist of multiple Dark Knights leading an army of increasing size; 500,000 level 1 troops to 2,000,000 level 24 troops.

You lose a small number of wounded troops after each attack. After two loses, possibly two rallies, or two (2) hours the Event stops.