Run Two Clash of Kings on One Android

Run Two Clash of Kings Instances At The Same Time on Android

Run the game and access two account at once.

1. Bind your main account to Facebook
2. Download Amazon app store on your phone (see below)
3. Download Clash of Kings from the Amazon app store
4. Run Clash of Kings and Sign into your main account via Facebook
5. Via Google Play store version on Clash of Kings, you can still sign onto any account as normal
6. Via Amazon app account store version of Clash of Kings, you can always have access to your main account

This allows you to swap between 2 Clash of Kings accounts more quickly and can be useful when you have two combat accounts or one main account and you are setting up a new resource account that needs frequent access foe building, training, and researching.

Note:  Android Google+ accounts allow to switch account.. this is different. This allows you to have Clash of Kings installed on your Android phone twice. You can access two (2) different accounts quickly by just switching to the other instance. Use the amazon app to access my main account and the Google play app to access all of your google+ accounts and vise versa.

To install the Amazon Appstore for Android app

  1. Go to Getting Started with the Amazon Appstore .
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

For information about shopping for apps, go to Purchase & Install an App.

Tip: You can also purchase apps and games from the Apps & Games section of the Amazon app for Android version 5.0 or higher. For more information about the Amazon app for Android, go to
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