Clash of Kings Lord


The leader of your kingdom, you represent the Lord. As you level, your Lord begins to offers unique perks and bonuses to boost your castle and power.

Lord Experience & Stamina

Under the Lord Icon (top left) are the experience and stamina bars. A Lord increases their experience from building buildings, upgrading buildings, quests, exploring castle ruins, using consumable items, and attacking monsters. Once a new level is reached, various gifts are received; such as gold, resources, or buffs – along with Lord skill points which can provide cumulative bonuses.

The Stamina bar represents the total stamina the Lord has remaining. Stamina is needed to attack monsters and is regenerated at one stamina point every six (6) minutes. Five (5) stamina points are needed to attack a monster. Through science research or Lord bonuses, a Lord can increase their regeneration speed. There are also other various Items available to add stamina points; they can be bought or dropped from monsters. VIP mode also offers a boost in stamina regeneration.

Lord Equipment

A Lord can craft various Equipment are the Forge. Once equipped, the Lord benefits from the provided bonuses. There are a total of six (6) equipment spots: helmet, chest plate, pants, boots, weapon, and ring. Two (2) more slots are unlocked at higher levels. The various Equipment bonuses is directly dependent on the materials used in forging. The higher the level of materials equate to increased bonuses.

General Equipment Bonuses (Equipment Type -Typical Bonuses)

  • Weapon – Cavalry, Infantry, Archer, Chariot attack bonus
  • Helmet – Farm Income, troop attack bonus
  • Chest plate – Infantry attack bonus, Hospital Capacity & healing increase
  • Pants – Building and March speed increase
  • Boots – Troop load, building speed, marching speed, hospital size
  • Ring – Science research, cavalry or archer attack bonus

Lord Bonuses

Every time a Lord levels, they receive skill points to spend on various bonuses. There are three (3) bonus categories: combat, support, and development. Each offering various perks (increased troop load, faster building rates, etc.).

Lord Renaming & Lord Picture

The Lord’s username coincides with their Lord name and their Castle name. In the beginning, the default name is Empire followed by a string of random letters and numbers. A Lord receives one free name change. Any name change following cost 200 gold coins. Changing the Lord’s picture also free once, but will cost 400 gold coins after that.

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