Clash of Kings Kill Monsters Event

During the Clash of Kings Kill Monsters Event you kill monsters to gain points and the higher the level of the monster you defeat, the more points you will gain from that individual victory.

  • Due to stamina limitations, attacking higher level monsters is way more efficient than attacking lower level monsters
  • Started five (5) minutes before the actual event starts.
  • In order to be efficient and fast, divide troops into attack groups for different level monsters.
    • In the near future, Clash of Kings will be adding a preset feature to tackle this.
  • Activating VIP during the Kill Monsters Event to increase March speed, Monster March speed and Stamina Recovery speed.
    • That is IF your VIP level is high enough.
  • Do not waste stamina, as this is a hard one to medal in, so only go all in if prepared to go all the way.
    • Do not waste stamina on lower level monsters.
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