Clash of Kings Kill Event

Kill Event Offensive Strategy

  • View the enemy’s power
  • Scout as much as possible.
  • Unite and Rally with your Alliance.

Kill Event Defensive Strategy

  • Try not to gather resources too close to your hive; at least 100 to 1000km away would be best. This puts the most distant between your troops and someone who teleports into your hive to attack. If your troops are not in your Castle, they will not die. If the enemy is already within your hive, send them away or pop a peace bubble.
  • Planning on being away from your phone or computer? Send your troops away (at least 100 to 1000km) to gather or camp out. You can send your troops through the black earth to increase their marching time by two (2) hours.
    • Set a bookmark to speed p the process.
  • Don’t gather resources; instead harvest gold mines or abandoned ruins.
  • Explore Castle ruins for eight (8) hours t ensure your troops are safe.
  • Utilize the military lord skill “immediate return” too quickly call back your troops if someone needs support or an easy target can be attacked. This skill recalls your troops in 2 seconds, regardless the distance.
  • Only keep enough troops in your Castle your hospitals can handle. Hospitals are key, troops healed cost half (1/2) that of new troops being trained.
  • Reinforce an ally with a peace shield. Be sure to ask how long the peace shield is good for (will it expire soon?) so you know when to recall your troops.
  • If your really hurting, a three (3) day peace shield costs 2,500 gold.
  • In order not to break your shield, attack monsters. Attacking monsters doesn’t break a peace shield.
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