Clash of Kings Kill Enemies Event

During the Kill Enemies Event, you must kill as many enemy player’s troops as possible to earn points. Points are awarded for each enemy troop you manage to kill. Points are exchanged for various rewards. If outside your Alliance’s Hive and in fear of being killed yourself, use an Advanced Teleport item to teleport to your Alliance’s territory and give you Alliance protection.


  • To estimate your enemy’s strength, view their power.
  • To kill the most enemies while minimizes your own losses, scout as much as possible.
  • To defeat powerful enemies, unite and rally with your Alliance.


  • Use effective defenses to prevent losses.
  • Use a Peace Shield to prevent losses while providing an effective defense.
  • View enemies from your Watchtower to formulate effective defense strategies.
  • If confronted with an unstoppable enemy, protect your troops by deploying them to ruins or somewhere far away prior to the attack.
  • To reduce troop losses, build more Hospitals.
  • Seek help from allies; while returning the favor.
  • Protect your resources from being plundered by upgrade your Depot.
    • Likewise, use or trade your resources prior to an attack.

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