How to Use Troop Types To Your Advantage

Mastering Troop Strength and Weaknesses of each Troop type takes time, losses, and even experiments. Troop mastering will help you grow stronger, gather more resources, and upgrade much faster.

Each of the eight Troop types serves a different functions. The basic Troop types are: Infantry, Calvary, Range, and Siege Equipment. For every Troop type there are two sub-types.


  • Spearman: This sub-type does an awesome amount of damage to Cavalry. They also have a chance to deal triple (3x) damage, which makes it useful in some situations.
  • Swordsman: This sub-type are your Troop shields. Without them, your army is worthless. They have both high defense and high HP. They also reduce damage dealt by Archers, which produce a very high DPS. All the while, your Range and Siege Equipment can attack other enemy Troops. Always attack with Swordsman. It is suggested you utilize at least 20% Swordsman in your army.


Both Cavalry sub-types attack enemy ranged Troops.

  • Short-Ranged Cavalry: A great way to attack is to use Cavalry and Swordsman only. This way the high DPS Crossbowman will die before they can kill your Swordsman. Swordsman deal small damage themselves, so its not a threat. Same goes with ranged Cavalry. Short-ranged Cavalry have a chance to dodge attacks, making them a second meatshield after Swordsman.
  • Range Cavalry: These sub-type attacks an enemies back line. They deal extra damage in recourse fights. This means, if you are farming, use Range Cavalry. Because Spearman deal extra damage to Cavalry, the best gathering composition is 20% Swordsman, 30% Spearman, 30% Ranged Cavalry, and 20% Assault Cart.


  • Bowman: This sub-type is a good siege and gathering unit due to the extra damage they deal to Cavalry, other range troops, and Siege Euipment. They also have high DPS and attack twice (2x) per round.
  • Crossbowman: This sub-type gains an attack bonus during defense. It is not suggested to use these on offense. Again.. They have an extremely high DPS while on defense. When reinforcing, the best reinforcement composition is 40% Swordsman and 60% Crossbowman.

Siege Equipment:

  • Bricole: This sub-type is a great siege weapon, not so good during other battles. Their damage is very high, although they attack only once every other round. A good siege composition is 40% Swordsman and 60% Siege on offense. You might want to consider adding some range Troops however.
  • Assault Cart: This sub-type is much like that of the Swordsman – they die too fast. However, to reduce the loss of Swordsman when attacking use Assault Carts as shields. Swordsman are much better then Assault Carts, but they will work. They also have a high load and can be used in gathering and farm off enemies after you have destroyed their defenses.

Offensive Strategies

Siege Equipment Attacks

  • 40% Swordsman 60% Bricole
  • 30% Swordsman 10% Spearman 30% Bricole 30% Bowman (Use when enemy an equally amount of Troop types)
  • 40% Swordsman 60% Cavalry (use when enemy has high percentage of Swordsman)

Gathering Battles

  • 20% Swordsman 30% Spearman 30% Ranged Calvalry 20% Assault Cart
    • Note: Assault Carts are mainly for the load and the load only
    • If trying to get just kills, switch Assault Cart with Bowman or Sworsman

Defensive Strategies

Hide Your Troops, Hide Your Strengths

While being Scouted, camp all or some of your Troops by your Castle. Much like anti-scout, this returns a negative scout report and once they begin attacking, recall your troops and defend.  Note: will probably not work on experienced players.

Fake Shield

(This strategy is from one of our readers: GoPowerSkate) If you are being Rallied against and their Troops are too strong, call upon your Allies to reinforce you. After their reinforcements have arrived, shield. At the last seconds of their march, break your shield and defend. This method can be expensive and time consuming but it gets you lots of kills.

Note: We are unsure of why you would have to be shielded for this to work, we are still waiting for a reply from GoPowerSkate.

Gathering Troops

Own the Lord Skill Immediate Return (Active Skill) you can recall all your Troops in 3 seconds. If you are being attacked by an enemy with less power then you, wait for the last 10 seconds of the enemies march and activate Immediate Return. This allows for all your Troops to be within your Castle to defend.

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