How to Earn Daily Rewards Points

Clash of Kings Daily Rewards

Earning your Daily Rewards is one of many important ways to gather resources and grow your Kingdom. Every Day at 8:00PM EST a new Day begins and a three (3) important resource tools reset: Daily Event, Harbor Goods and Daily Resources. This guide will focus on getting the most out of your Daily Rewards. It will also help direct you to where resources can be found.

Where are Daily Rewards to be found?

Daily Rewards are located within the Tavern, the first icon to the left – the Golden Scroll with a Quill (feather) Pen. Clicking on this icon brings up your Daily Rewards menu. The right of the icon is the Treasure Chest icon, which opens the Treasure menu. And to the right of this is the Lucky Wheel icon.

How to Earning Daily Rewards?

As you collect 120, 180, 260, 340, 420 and 500 Daily Reward points daily, you will be rewarded with chests. Chests reward resources crucial to expanding your Kingdom. You have 24 hours, starting from 8:00PM EST to earn points all your Daily Rewards. In total, there are 29 ways to earn Daily Rewards points. However, not all 29 options are available from the start. They will open as you progress through the game. For example, you will not be able to open the option to train Troops until you build a Barracks until you build the Barracks or gather advance leveled Iron and Mithril until higher levels. Thus, you will not be able to open all the Daily Reward chests until you access all the options; however, the beginning chests are worth the reward.

  • Kill Monsters: Kill 5 Monsters in the world (earn 10 Points).
  • Build Traps: Build 150 Traps earn 20 Points (4 Points for every 30 traps).
  • Use Resource Items: Use 5 resource items get (earn 10 points @ 2 Points each time).
  • Gather Food: Gather 25000 food from the Kingdom get (earn 15 points @ 3 Points for every 5000 food).
  • Gather Wood: Collect 25000 Wood (earn 15 points @ 3 Points for each 5000).
  • Gather Iron: Collect 7500 Iron (earn 15 points @ 3 points for each 1500).
  • Increase Farm Income: Boost Farm Income twice ( earn 10 points @ 5 Points each boost).
  • Increase Sawmill Income: Boost two Sawmills (earn 10 Points @ 5 Points each boost).
  • Increase Iron Mine l Income: Boost two Iron Mines (earn 10 Points @ 5 Points each boost).
  • Sign In: Sign in (earn 5 Points).
  • Gain Infantry Troops: Train 250 Troops (earn 25 Points @ 5 Points for every 50 Trained).
  • Gain Cavalry Troops: Train 250 Troops (earn 25 Points @ 5 Points for every 50 Trained).
  • Gain Archers: Train 250 Troops (earn 25 Points @ 5 Points for every 50 Trained).
  • Gain Siege engines: Train 250 Siege Engines and get 25 Points (5 points for each 50 Trained)
  • Upgrade Buildings: Upgrade any building (earn 30 Points).
  • Wish: Grant Wishes (earn 20 Points @ 1 Point per wish).
  • Lucky Wheel: Spin wheel five times (earn 30 Points @ 6 Points per spin).
  • Unload Goods: Collect goods at the Harbor (earn 10 Points @ 2 Points each collection).
  • Traveling Merchant: Buy 10 Items from the Traveling Merchant (earn 20 Points @ 2 Points per purchase).
  • Research Technology: Research Science in College one time (earn 20 Points).
  • Heal Wounded Soldiers: Heal 30 Soldiers (earn 10 Points).
  • Synthesize materials: Fuse Materials in Blacksmith one time (earn 20 Points).
  • Forge Equipment: Forge 1 piece of equipment (earn 30 Points).
  • Alliance Donation: Donate 20 times in Alliance Research (earn 20 Points @ 1 Point per donation).
  • Alliance Trade: Trade 15000 Resources with an Alliance Member (earn 10 Points).
  • Reinforcements: Reinforce your allies with 1000 Troops (earn 10 Points @ 1 Point per 100 troops).
  • Alliance Help: Help 25 Allies (earn 25 Points @ 1 Point per help).
  • Mithril Collection: Gather Mithril LEVEL 15 CASTLE REQUIRED.
  • Increase Mithril Mine Income: LEVEL 15 CASTLE REQUIRED.
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