How to Dominate Clash of Kings

How to Dominate in Clash of Kings

To begin, you will need more than one (1) account – possibly four (4) to five (5) farm accounts. The best of players have at least ten (10) accounts. Just remember, one does not need to spend a single dime, just multiple farm accounts.

Having your farm accounts, you will also need to be somewhat diplomatic and find an alliance that is already pretty strong. It has been proven that a strong alliance wins the game. If you cannot join a strong alliance you might have to spend some money (what, you just said I wouldn’t need to spend a dime…) to earn that reputation that you mean business. This will keep those lesser players from attack you and trying to steal your resources. So, how does one install fear? Learn your enemy’s time zones and know where their farms are locations.

At 2:00AM their time, teleport in and destroy all of their farms, their friend’s farms, and reap all the nearby resource – killing all their farming troops. Once completed, teleport to a remote location, if they happen to rallying against you, that’s fine. Just make sure there isn’t anyone for them to kill and keep killing. If someone stronger than you teleports next to you, to kill you, simply bubble, random teleport out, or give all your resources to a farm account that still has a newbie shield. Nobody will be able to steal the resources you just stole back. The following night, offload then to your main account and repeat the process. Kill and steal as much as you can and wake these guys up. After three (3) or four (4) nights of getting attacked by you, they probably know that you are nothing to be messed with.

Besides farm account, you should have at least two (2) fighter accounts. But always have a main account to ensure you have enough mithril (super important for anything later on) and three (3) accounts to gather food and wood.

Next, make sure to use only wish for steel at the Wishing Well. Gather as much steel as you possibly. Once you have enough, only build blue or purple items. Don’t waste your effort on greens or whites. Your Steel will run out before you will run out of materials.

If you have alliance points, spend them on teleports. Do not use Gold if you don’t have too. Also, drain your stamina as much as possible. This levels your Lord and you gain a lot of crates. Save your crates until you need them, no one can steal your crates.

Your alliance SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY HIVES. Hives greatly hinder you in this game. Hives are designed for those strong players to teleport in and kill everyone with ease. There is no strategic advantage to a hive – other than claiming reinforcements but it is not worth it.

In terms of rallies, rallying is obsolete in Clash of Kings. If you are still rallying from your alliance hive, you simply haven’t learned to play this game. The most effective and only strategy that works late in the game is teleporting. If your enemy is sitting in a hive, teleport with five (5) or six (6) allies and kill off everyone so they can’t retaliate. Then rally against the strongest players locally with a minimal of five (5) rallies. Once everyone is dead, take all their resources… this is the only effective strategy.

Clash of Kings is currently a broken game… it’s true. Those stronger players dominate and rule the kingdom. But there’s always ways to get around them and protect yourself and get stronger. The game is still fun if you know how to play the game.

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