How to Create or Join an Alliance in Clash of Kings

Creating an Alliance in Clash of Kings

Create and Join Alliance

To create an alliance freely you must have your castle at level Six (6), or you must spend gold to reach level 6. Once level 6, and you have a name and slogan (shown to other players), create your Alliance. The language will be set to the same as the leader’s automatically; however, it can be modified after the creation.

Joining an Alliance in Clash of Kings

Click the “Alliance” button at the bottom of the main Clash of Kings interface; this will open a list of recommended alliances. A search function is also available; simply search for the alliance you want to join. Upon joining an alliance, you gain powerful alliance science effects as well as the ability to purchase items from the alliance store. Note: Ensure you are joining an alliance that speaks the same language as you; for easier communication.

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