Clash of Kings Hospital

Clash of Kings Hospital Details

Clash of Kings Hospital is the place where you can heal your Troops who were wounded in battle. Upgrade it to increase its capacity and treat more of the wounded. The treatment of wounded soldiers costs fewer resources and time than training. Hospital can accommodate a certain number of wounded soldiers, upgrade Hospital and building more can increase its capacity largely. Research Technology can increase the capacity and speedup treatment of wounded Troops. Wounded Troops will die when Hospital capacity is insufficient.

The wounded will emerge in battles as below:
  • All dead soldiers turn into the wounded in the defense.
  • A few wounded will emerge after attack Monsters.
  • After Research “First-aid Skill”, a certain percentage of wounded will emerge in every solo battle.
  • After use Lord Skill “Help”, only wounded emerge in the next marching.

See the table below for building requirements and various statistics regarding Clash of King Hospital :

Hospital Statistics

Clash of Kings Hospital Statistics

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