Clash of Kings Hall of War

Clash of Kings Hall of War Details

The Hall of War serves as a gathering place for you and your allies. While there, you can unite together to form a powerful army and attack the enemy. Upgrade the Hall of War to increase the number of troops that can gather there. The Hall of War is only usable if you are a member of an Alliance.

You can obtain War Horns with Gold, Lucky Chests, killing Monsters, and Event rewards. It should be noted that not everyone needs to upgrade thier Hall of War. Unless you are an R4/R5 or an active member with very good combat stats, there really is no point in upgrading the Hall of War.

War Horn Cost

  • 1 War Horn – 5 Gold
  • 10 War Horns – 40 Gold
  • 100 War Horns – 400 Gold
  • 1,000 War Horns – 4,000 Gold

Clash of Kings Hall of War

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