Clash of Kings The Legacy of the Ancients Event

How to obtain ‘Old Parchment’

“Old Parchment” is obtained from gathering resources. A certain chance of obtaining a parchment with 1-3 stars. The more stars, the better the reward.

How to use an ‘Old Parchment’

Once obtained, the old parchment can be used to open the treasure interface. From there, coordinates are obtained. Click the coordinates to go to the corresponding coordinates on the map. Send Troopsto garrison the location. Once Troops are garrisoning, the “Old Parchment” will be automatically be consumed. The Troop start to excavate and the timer starts to countdown. Once the time is up, you will receive your treasure.
Note: “Old Parchment” cannot be used on cross-kingdom maps.


While Troops are garrisoning at the noted coordinates, the Old Parchment will be consumed and the troops start to excavate. During Troop excavation, Troops can be attacked by other players. If the defense is successful, it won’t affect the excavation. If defenses fails, the attacking troops take over the treasure and start excavating, the timer will be reset.
Note: If Troops are recalled during excavation, the old parchment will not be returned. Likewise, in order to avoid a defense failure, it is suggested to send elite troops to garrison.
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