Clash of Kings Land of Trials Event

  1. Attacking monsters in the World Map has a chance to obtain Trail Scroll, which will increase the times to enter the Land of Trials.
  2. You have a free chance to enter the Land of Trials; after that, you can enter with Gold or Trail Scroll.
  3. Each entering has 15 free chances to attack; after that, you can use gold to buy more chances.
    1. Each attack costs one chance, no matter if it is a normal attack or charge attack.
  4. After entering, you have 3 ways to attack:
    1. Sword Swipe – deals 1 damage.
    2. Thunder Bolt – deals 3 damage.
    3. Fire Storm – deals 5 damage.
  5. When you use charge attack, all the damage will be tripled.
  6. The more ways you use, the more damage you will deal to the monster.、
  7. When the monster is defeated, you will get the treasure chest.
    1. Click it to receive rewards.
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