Clash of Kings Complete Comprehensive Guide

Clash of Kings Complete Comprehensive Guide

Clash of Kings Complete Comprehensive Guide is here to help you play like a Pro. First things first, skip the introduction to the game! Now that that is taken care of, the following is the Buildings you need to begin with for the ideal setup for your Castle.

Building Placement

The most valuable Buildings are your Hospitals and Military Tents. Upgrade your Hospitals first, followed by the Military Tents. Hospitals save you both millions of resources and weeks of training time. The Military Tents allow you to train more Troops, while adding a percent (%) speed boost to said training. It should be noted that there is a slider bar for the numbers of troops training in one batch you can adjust. Also, remember camped Troops do not become wounded and WILL die.

For more detailed information regarding the Buildings, click through the various Buildings pages we have for more details on what the next tier has to offer. This allows you to see if there is any benefit to upgrading to the next level at this time. Spend your resources wisely. To make it easier on yourself, keep Buildings of the same resources together: cluster together Farms, Sawmills, etc. It allows for easier upgrading and looks a lot more organized. In the beginning, VIP can be used for speeding up constructing of buildings – with the instant build. Get all your buildings upgraded to the instant point, followed by the more slower buildings for use while away from your game.

Cluster together your Military buildings. Your Stable is forcibly placed during the tutorial (that you skipped), but can be move later for Gold. Place the Barracks, Range and Siege Engine Factory adjacent to the Stables. This allows for faster access to Troop training facilities for recruitment without scrolling around. Place your Drill Grounds north of your Military buildings, between the Lucky Wheel Tavern and Castle Citadel. Place your CollegeFortressWishing Well, and the Blacksmith to the right side of the courtyard. These facilities perform active functions; however, are less often utilized than that of your Troop training buildings. Place your Embassy and Hall of War to the left of the Traveling Merchant. To the right of the Traveling Merchant, place the Market building. This building placement optimizes the performance of Clash of Kings.

Upgrading Priority

  1. Drill Grounds: Inside the Castle, this is the most important building to upgrade. Larger Marches means more successful fights and customization of Troop types in combat, more Troops safe inside a ruin, more Troops that may be deployed to safety if under attack. Likewise, you will not have to shield, and more resources collected at once particularly from Alliance Super Plots.
  2. Wishing Well: The Wishing well is a valuable ally. Well it is a gamble, a wish could earn you x-times the base amount of resources, and has payed for entire batches (x4) of Troops, Research and Building upgrades that would have cost me resources from another source. Also, after using up your free wishes, I would recommend using Gold to earn resources up to a cost of 10 coins per wish every day, its cheap, in fact it can be quite profitable.

After these, it is quite situational as to what Building you upgrade next.

If you Troop Buildings will not offer you another Tier of Troops when upgraded, it is best to save those resources to upgrade other Buildings first especially since they are quite expensive. If a new Tier is available, priority is Infantry. Others debatable.

If you are involved in combat often, your Embassy, Hall of War, Depot and Watchtower should be high on your list of Castle Buildings to upgrade. Keep an eye on the Watchtower to see if upgrading it will offer any real benefit. Levels 15, 17, 19, 23, 25 and 27 do not offer any extra features currently and should be saved until you have spare resources.

The College is variable, if there is important research you need to do, then you would want to upgrade it. If you still have plenty of research to do at the current College level, then it can wait.

If you offer resource aid often, the Market can be important.

Upgrading Turrets to level 3 or 4 is cheap enough, other then that I have never seen them save the day, so well you should feel free to upgrade them, don’t make them a priority.

Last on your listing are the Blacksmith and Fortress, though useful, they are unlikely to be used often enough to be prioritize over the other buildings, unless you have the spare resources to put into mass producing level 3 and 4 traps.

The Fortress is a great way to use up that little bit of food you might have left over after setting up troops to train or donating to Alliance Science, 4, 7, 5 traps adds up over days and days.

The Walls should always be saved for when you are getting ready to advance Castle level, except under certain circumstances. Such as, if you just looted 12 million wood and should dump it fast. (Which you should, if you have enough resources for your most expensive upgrade, do not save it. I see level 5 castles with 8 million of each resource, and I ask myself, why? Then again, they might have kingdom jumped, but if you are a level 13 castle with 17 million wood, 12 million food and 1.2 million iron stored away, you deserve to be looted.) Or if you are a Trap nut, and need more space for Traps I suppose. Yes, the upgrade receives more hit points, but that does not make much of a difference over the current Tier.

Survival and Advancement

First of all, the best way to advance is to not be noticed. Everyone wants the level 6, 7 and 8 resource zones right off, close to the Throne; however, those areas are smaller and more compact then the outer regions and will be contested. The times I have been in a Hive in these zones, war was immediate and often. Early on, war is bad for growth. And why? When you are just starting off, you do not have enough troops to finish off a level 1 resource plot in one go and the Throne battles takes a bit to open up.

The prime resource zone is 5, up until about level 19 Castle upgrade gathering is quite manageable, but 4 is also just fine up until about level 15. Even then, your management makes it work. Level 1 to 3 is perfectly fine for your first 10 Castle levels as well.

Never bother your active neighbors unless your ready to move, save them for the killing event stage.

Personally, I random teleporting every few days. Might be a waste of Gold or Honor points – most of the time – but its kept me safe for months on end. And, its not uncommon to land near Castles hiding millions of resources. Even level 1 to 3 Castles might be storehouses. When you arrive in a location, use the black arrow that points back towards your Castle as you scroll around the map to guide you at least 100km North, NW, SW, S, SE and NE. Any castle within 5 levels of your own should be investigated, check his Lord level, power level, stats, and Alliance.

Resource Gathering

Order of resources to be gathered: wood, iron, mithril, food. Food is always last because of the upkeep, especially when your eating 1,000,000 food an hour, trust me. The poor mans way to use the gathering bonus is to collect everything else normally, and then use the Gather Bonus just for food. 8-Hour gather bonuses are invaluable if you actually wish to sleep through the night, so use the 8-hour during the day. Stack the Gathering bonus with the Reduced upkeep when gathering food.

Pro Tip: You just got speed Rallied and your Troops are all dead or hospitalized. One, Teleport the hell out of there to ensure they don’t farm you. Guess what? Your upkeep is gone! Now is the prime time to gather enough food for a Castle upgrade or Research upgrade. The wounded can wait. Heal your Siege Engines only or train Bricoles (Tier 1 Siege) with Farm/Wishing Well food. Get enough Troops back to hunt world monsters for food crates. Heal your Troops Later!

Alternate Accounts

On my first account, I made it all the way to Castle level 20 without the use of an Alternate Account. That’s right, there was a time when alts were not common place, or teleport attacking. We actually marched long distances or minded our own business at distances outside 100km or so. Nowadays, things are different. How many alts you can have is based on how much time you want to spend on this game. Well the best setup efficiency wise would be 2x food, 1x everything else, your most important would be a food account at least.

Do not feel like managing tons of Castles? Use throwaway alts. These are Castles you never get past level 5, you complete all the quests you can, open all the crates you have, earn bonus Gold for binding and joining an Alliance and buy more crates, and loot the resources with your main Castle. Unbind, and repeat.


Every Research is useful. I prioritize offensive military Research over all others. Down to Legion II is easy enough to complete, vital in fact.

Other important Sciences not under the aggressive military tree include:

  • Supply Carts
  • Medical Facilities
  • Loop Hole
  • Battlements
  • First Aid
  • Animal Plow
  • Whipsaw

Hiding Troops

When going AFK:

  1. Hide a march in a ruin for 8 hours. Depending on how long you will be gone, remember you can always recall them if needed. If you will be away for a while, find an 8 hour ruin across the map through the Black Earth. Send rams with them even. Instant Recall can always be used if you vitally need them suddenly.
  2. Hide a march in a Alliance resource plot.
  3. Hide your other marches in Gold mines across the map.
  4. Camps can work, but remember, deaths from Encampment fights are not wounded, they die.

Keep your resources low during the Kill Event for crying out loud.

Managing Your Combat

It should be noted, Infantry, more defensive than anything else, are both weak and low on the priority list; however, you can boost their stats via the Lord Skill Tree. That means you focus more points into Infantry while neglecting your other Troops. You want them to be able to absorb more damage due to the fact they face more damage.

Disclaimer – your results may vary according to your Troop Types, mutual Sciences, Alliance boosts, item boosts and skill boosts. Likewise, Tiers involved and total Troop number of both you and your target factor into play. Example: Hitting a level 22 Castle with Tier III Troops would be unwise.

Troop Types

  • Infantry Goal – Reaching 40% Attack with either 28% Defense and/or Hit points  – as soon as possible.
  • Sword Types – These are your front line Infantry units, they protect other units from all units except charging Calvary, but they are great at combating Archer and Crossbow types. They are vital for the survival of Spear Units against both Archer and Crossbow units. Without them, your army will take heavy losses.
  • Spear Unit – Once their attack is high enough, Spear Units are devastating. Even Tier V Pikeman can butcher Tier VIII Calvary if their attack is 40% or higher and the enemy stats somewhat in the middle. Their role is to stop Calvary units, but their attack bonuses combined with enough percent increase makes them often kill 2 to 3 times their own number in combat, all the while, sustaining minimal losses. The Pikeman and Heavy Pikeman can break the defense of pretty much any unit once their attack percentage is high enough. Note, they are vulnerable to both Archer and Crossbow units.
  • Archer Unit – You gain first good Archer type, the Archer Guard, in Tier VI. Those before, are clearly inferior to their Crossbow wielding counter parts. Archer type units have the advantage of fast fire rates for lower damage, with a bonus toward non-Infantry units.
  • Crossbow Unit – Higher attack, critical, and range then Archer types, Crossbow units also have a Defense bonus. When protected by Infantry, they get to fire off more salvos while being hitting hard in both attack and defense.
  • Ram Unit – Ram units have few specialized uses. Good for gathering due to load capacity, high defense and hit points, and are useful for evading Castle Traps when looting a Castle without Troops. Likewise, they can be used to give you an extra four hours safe troop march time by sending a march with rams across the map through the black earth to keep the troops out of your Castle.
  • Catapult Unit – These units are DEVASTATING in terms of a=long range attacks. They also offer a decent load and are faster then the Ram.
  • Armored Calvary Unit – These units add a extra damage absorbing properties to your army, while being able to flank ranged units. That is, assuming they get past the Spear Units. They can dodge damage and absorb more damage in general then Archer Calvary. Your first worthwhile Armored Calvary unit is Tier VI.
  • Archer Calvary – They have similar features of that of  the Armored Calvary, but their range and resource war bonus make them deadly attackers. Invaluable in hitting resource plots, although not as good at avoiding or absorbing damage as armored Calvary. Expect high kill counts from them.

Tier I to VIII Unit Guide

  • Tier I – Your Bricole is the only non-useless unit; great for gathering resources. Their load, upkeep, and cost ratio is the best especially for farming alts. An added bonus, they can destroy Tier III , possibly Tier IV units.
  • Tier II – You need to get to Tier III as quickly as possible; however, the Infantry unit offers your first front line defense, while the Light Calvary unit offers descent speed for killing those low level monsters.
  • Tier III – Your first decent combat units. In this Tier, all units useful. Spearmen and Mangonels are not replaced until Tier V. Heavy Calvary replace your Light Calvary, while Crossbow units offer a high critical.
  • Tier IV – The first real backbone of your front line of defense, the Swordsmen. Invaluable until Tier VI, they will save countless lives giving their own. Tier IV also offers you Arbalester, effective and cheap killing unit, and a unit not replaced until Tier VII. The Battering Ram is sub-par; however, the Horse Archer is quite superior to the Heavy Calvary unit.
  • Tier V – Three excellent unit types are gained. The Heavy Mangonel will not be replaced until Tier VII, the Pikeman until Tier VIII, and the Calvary shooter until Tier VII. All worth having. The Elite Longbow, the rent a cop, and the Archer Guard being SWAT. Skip training the Elite and train more Arbalesters.
  • Tier VI – Three more good Units. The Noble Swordsmen replaces your Swordsmen, while being inferior to the Guard unit. However, train as many Nobles as possible. Likewise, train as many Archer Guard as possible, but don’t replace the Arbalester – they work in conjunction. The Knights Templar is works in tandem with the Calvary Shooter. As cool as it name would like you to think it is, the Demolisher is just another ram; however, their high defense might be useful during sieges. Heavy Mangonels are still your main siege unit.
  • Tier VII – Finally, the nirvana Tier. Everything is awesome. Prioritize Guards.
  • Tier VIII – Everything is worth having, the Heavy Trebuchet replaces Trebuchet, and the Heavy Pikeman replaces Pikeman; however, the Eagle Archer and Royal Knight only work with the Heavy Calvary Archer and Heavy Crossbowman, DO NOT replace them.

The use of both a Resource and Attack Alternate Account can always help and be used for rallies and reinforcement.

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