Clash of Kings Ancient Battlefield

Clash of Kings Ancient Battlefield

Ancient Battlefield Introduction

Players from different kingdoms will enter a cross-kingdom area. Castles will be randomly assigned a location. Players will earn points by attacking others, which is the basis of the final rankings and rewards. All players in the champion’s kingdom will get abundant rewards, the player who make greatest contributions will also receives huge returns

Entrance Conditions

  • Must have a Level 15 Castle
  • Must have the “Contract of War” item
    • One “Contract of War” is consumed for each entry
    • “Contract of War” can be bought at the Store or be obtained by completing specific goals in the Ancient Battlefield
  • The First Time is Free
  • All Troops must be healed prior to enter the Ancient Battlefield

Battle Rules

  • Battle is the same as if in the original kingdoms
    • Players will not be restricted in using any items
  • No troops will be killed during battle, but will be converted to wounded
    • Healing the wounded will be much faster and they will be healed automatically without costing any resources
  • When Defense fails, the burning speed will increase a lot
    • Please pay attention to extinguishing the fire.
  • Prior to entering you can use Attack Bonus and Defense Bonus
    • Once entered, the effects of these items still exist
    • The same effects exist if the items are use within the Ancient Battlefield

Stage Description

  • The Ancient battlefield will be opened for 24 hours. Every 4 hours is a stage.
  • Ranking will be settled at the end of each stage
    • A new stage will be in preparation at the same time
  • Every stage requires a Contract of War
  • At the beginning of each stage, all Castles’ positions are reset
    • As well as the stage goals

Stage Goals

  • When the Ancient Battlefield opens, players will randomly obtain stage goals
  • The more goals completed, the better the reward

Points Rules

  • Points are gained from killing Troops, Siege Victory or Defense Victory
  • The higher the level of the killed Troops , the more points are awarded.
  • On the contrary, only a few points will be collected by killing Troops that have a lower level than yours.
  • Points from killing Troops are decided by the highest level Troops you can train and the level of the killed Troops
  • A draw means no points for either side

Ranking Rules

  • The system will rank players every 4 hours according to each lord’s points
  • The final results will depend on your highest ranking


  • Once entered, Alliance members cannot be kicked out
    • No one can create or join an Alliances either
  • Alliance buildings can not be placed
  • Alliance Forts’ names cannot be modified
  • You can only help Alliance members in the Ancient Battlefield
    • NOT members in the original Kingdom
  • Battles will be invalidated during the preparation stage, but marching is possible
  • Lords who entered cannot reinforce others in the original kingdom
  • The original Castles will switch to cross-kingdom status, which means it cannot be attacked or scouted by other lords
  • After entering, actions like attacking, gathering and attacking monsters will not be processed
  • After entering, you can’t trade with Lords in the original kingdom, but you can trade with allies in the Ancient Battlefield
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