Clash of Kings World Boss Evil Dragon Invasion

Clash of Kings World Boss Evil Dragon Invasion


An Evil Dragon will appear on the world map. The players in the same kingdom can send troops to attack it and earn points. Players will obtain rewards according to the ranking. You will also get rewards when attacking the Evil Dragon.


  • Lv.10 Castle is required.
  • Attacking a Dragon will consumed 10 stamina each time.
  • Lords are allowed to send more than one march at a time while attacking the Dragon.

Battle Rules

  • Marching on and attacking the Evil Dragon will disable your Peace Shield.
    • You are not allowed to use Peace Shield after march.
    • You can use Peace shield as normal if you don’t attack the Evil Dragon. Pay attention and protect your castle while attacking the Evil Dragon.
  • The burning speed will increase significantly when the castle is around the Evil Dragon. A percentage of your troops will be hurt and killed while attacking the Dragon.

Stage Description

Evil Dragons have a time limitation, players should kill them as fast as possible, otherwise, the Evil Dragons will disappear. After you kill the Dragon, a higher level Dragon will appear. The corresponding rewards are also advanced.

Point Rules

The points you earn are related to the damage you do to the dragon’s HP. The more HP you consume, the more points you earn. Every Lord who attacks the dragon will earn the killing reward and a ranking reward. After a new Evil Dragon has appeared, system will recount the players’ points.

Ranking Rules

System will rank Lords according to their points when the current Evil Dragon has been killed.


Lords ranked number 1 to 20 can obtain a reward. The higher your rank, the rarer your reward.


  • Peace Shield are not usable
  • Fight Solo
    • Rallies are forbidden
  • Can only attack the Evil Dragon within own kingdom

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