Clash of Kings The Tower of Exile

Clash of Kings The Tower of Exile Details

Clash of Kings The Tower of Exile involve the soldiers that are killed in Kingdom Conquest that will become exiles and go to the Exile Tower which located in the corners of the Black Belt. When the war concludes, the king can open the Tower’s gate, allowing Lords to recall exiled soldiers by donating Holy Candles.

If Kingdom Conquest has ended, and the King does not open the Tower of Exile, then the gate will open automatically after 12 hours.

The Exile Tower is only open for 2 days. when closed, all exiled troops will be completely lost, and will no longer be able to be recalled. You can check the countdown in the interface of the Tower of Exile.

Recall Ceremony

The Tower of Exile has two rooms, Kingdom Room and Personal Room. The exiled troops will separate into two groups and join these two rooms. If you have lots of exiled troops, the troop amount will be almost even in both rooms. If you have a smaller amount of exiled troops, then most of them will enter the Personal Room.

The Kingdom Room is filled with common exiled troops shared by the whole Kingdom. They will be recalled based on the number of Holy Candles used by the whole Kingdom. When the Recall Ceremony is over, a certain percentage of the exiled troops will return to the Lord’s castle (more candles donated by whole kingdom, higher percentage.)

The other group of exiled troops will be in the Lord’s Personal Room. When you donate the candles to the Kingdom, some of the troops in personal room will also get recalled. In this Room, the returned troop amount is correlated with your total exile amount (more exiles you have, more can be recalled back.)


The King and Ministers can bless the exiles, which will directly increase more exiles for your kingdom.

  • Note: Some players have found this to be BROKEN!
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