Clash of Kings Obsidian

Clash of Kings Obsidian Details

Clash of Kings Obsidian is used while forging. You will have a better chance of getting a legendary quality equipment set piece. There are two types of Obsidian, Basic Obsidian and Advanced Obsidian. Basic Obsidian can be used to forge equipment below lv.30 while advanced Obsidian can be used to forge equipment above lv.30. Each forging will only cost you 1 obsidian.

You can upgrade the level of Obsidian by synthesizing, Advanced Obsidian can be synthesized from 2 Basic Obsidian. For example, 2 Obsidian can be synthesized into 1 Obsidian II.

Obsidian Quality Improvement Effects

  • Obsidian I = 03% chance
  • Obsidian II = 05% chance
  • Obsidian III = 10% chance
  • Obsidian IV = 15% chance
  • Obsidian V = 20% chance
  • Obsidian VI = 25% chance
  • Obsidian VII = 35% chance
  • Obsidian VIII = 50% chance
  • Obsidian IX = 75% chance
  • Obsidian X = 100% chance

How to get Obsidian

  • Dragon Tower Trails
  • Hero Trials
  • Daily Quest

Obsidian Tips

If you don’t use any Obsidian when forging, you will 100% get the Epic Equipment Set. You can active the Equipment Set special buff when you have some parts of equipment Set. The buff only could be activated when you have 2,4,6 the same quality equipment. The Equipment Set special buff only can be activated by the same quality equipment. For example, any buff is available when you use an orange Mercy equipment and a gold Mercy equipment at the same time. You can have a chance to get basic materials (Sandalwood,Five-star Stone,Dragon scale)from above lvl 10 monsters. The basic materials will drop into your box directly. You can’t get Obsidian from decomposing the equipment set.

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