Clash of Kings Kingdom Group Buying Event

Clash of Kings Kingdom Group Buying Event Details

Clash of Kings Kingdom Group Buying Event takes into account the new feature of Alliance Group Buying and makes it, well, an event. Everyone in the Alliance can buy Group Buying Packs for a small amount of money (1$ per pack) and get GREAT REWARDS! The packs will be sent THE NEXT DAY, they will be worth the wait!

Remember, the more packs your Alliance buy in total the better each pack will be!


The Event

During the event, players with a Castle level 15 or higher can buy the Group Buying Packs. Players will not receive the packs immediately and all packs will be sent by mail when one buying round ends. The Kingdom total purchase amount will decide the type of packs players will receive.

Type of Pack

Alliance total purchase reaches:

  • 01 pack – Standard Kingdom Group Buying Pack
  • 10 packs – Superior Kingdom Group Buying Pack
  • 50 packs – Rich Kingdom Group Buying Pack
  • 150 packs – Luxury Kingdom Group Buying Pack
  • 300 packs – Epic Kingdom Group Buying Pack
  • 500 packs – Legendary Kingdom Group Buying Pack

Event Time

Each round of Group Buying is from the system time 00:00 to 23:59. From 23:00 to 00:00 is the reward sending time, you will be unable to purchase any Kingdom Group Buying Packs during this time.

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