Clash of Kings Hero System

Clash of Kings Hero System Details

Clash of Kings Hero can be obtained once your Castle reaches level 23. You can get a new building called Hero Palace located near your Event Center.


Hero Talent

By upgrading Hero(s), you can get Talent (skill points). By learning skill points, you can increase your Hero’s attribution. This is the same as your Lord skill. Different attribution will bring different buffs to your Hero’s garrison and/or march.

Hero Trials

  • New Feature for the Hero Palace
  • By clearing stages in the Hero Trails, you gain Hero related items; to include Hero Shards, EXP, and materials for Equipment Sets.
  • There are separate levels in the Hero Trails. You an get rewards by defeating monsters of each level.
  • You can only challenge each level once a day; however, you can buy extra chances when your VIP level meets the requirement.
  • Troops will get wounded when challenging in the Hero Trails. Do not forget to heal them!

Hero Equipment

  • Your Hero can equip equipment to receive extra bonuses.
  • Equipment can only switch the equipment within your city.
  • One piece of equipment can only be worn by one Hero or Lord.
  • When captured, the current equipment will be sent back to your Blacksmith Storage.

Hero Garrison

Click the little “+” on the build > click “Garrison”. You can send your Hero to guard your building. Your Hero will increase corresponding attribution of that building. Each building can only be garrisoned by one Hero and one Hero can only stay at one building.

Hero March

When sending out Troops, you can select a Hero to march with your legion to increase your attribution.


You can build a Prison behind the Hero Palace. Once you capture other player’s Hero, they will be imprisoned there.

  • When you attack an enemy’s Castle and their Hero is within the city, you can capture the Hero if you win the battle. If you lose, the enemy has a chance to capture your Hero.
  • ¬†When the battle happens outside your Castle, if you win the battle and the enemy selected a Hero within his legion, you have a change to capture his Hero. The same if you loss the battle, he has a chance to capture your Hero.
  • You can torture, release, or execute the captured Hero. Once you torture the Hero, his Lord will receive a mail about how you humiliated his Hero. Once released, the Hero will back to his Lord. If you do not release the Hero, after a countdown has completed, you can execute the Hero.
  • Opening a peace shield will release the Hero you captured.
  • If your Hero has been captured and you want to save him, an Alliance member can defeat the Lord and have your Hero released.


Players can build a Cemetery behind the Prison. After you execute a Hero, he will be placed within that Lord’s Cemetery. If your Hero has been captured and you do not want him to be tortured, you can buy a Hero Suicide Letter from the store. Once used, your Hero will die and be placed within your Cemetery. After being placed within your Cemetery, the Hero needs a certain amount of time to be reborn.During this time, the Hero will be back to normal and you will not suffer any loss.

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