Clash of Kings Hero Purification

Clash of Kings Hero Purification Details

Clash of Kings Hero Purification  can be unlocked once you unlock a Hero. Click the Hero interface to enter the Hero purification function. You can activate 2 Attribute Slots with a Level 1 Hero; the 3rd Attribute Slot will be available when the Hero reaches level 30. Hero purification can greatly improve your Heroes. You can purify different Attribute types to strengthen your hero.
Remember, Hero purification is a smart way to get stronger; however, it also depends on your LUCK!

Hero Purification Type

  • Refresh Attribute Types
    • You can use gold to refresh new purification types, and remember to keep your favorite purification.
  • Attribute Purification
    • Use hero recruitment cards to adjust the attribute. You will see the attribute value increase or decrease; you can purify the attribute until the value reaches the maximum amount.

Hero Purification UI Information

  • Attribute Lock
    • Use the lock on the right when you want to keep your favorite attribute. After you use the lock, you can refresh other Attribute List as you need, and the locked attribute will be kept safe.
  • List of Attribute Types
    • You can check all the Attribute Types in the list and see their maximum amount.
  • Unlock Attribute Bar
    • You can find the Bar in the Hero Attribute UI. Hero purification will be available when your hero reach level 1. You can unlock the Attribute Bar for free. You get a random attribute after unlocking the bar.
  • Return Button
    • Click the button if you don’t like the attribute value, and the attribute value will return to its previous number.
  • Recruitment card
    • You can see your total recruitment card number here.
  • Refresh attribute types
    • Each refresh will cost gold. Refreshing will cost more if you lock some attributes.
  • All Attribute Bar Unlocked
    • 1000 gold per time. Refreshing with 1 locked Attribute Bar: 2000 gold per time. Refreshing with 2 locked Attribute Bars: 4000 gold per time.
  • Purify
    • Each Purification will cost recruitment cards. When an attribute reaches the maximum, it won’t cost any recruitment cards when you purify.
      • Unlock 1 Attribute Bar, each purification will cost 20 recruitment cards
      • Unlock 2 Attribute Bars, each purification will cost 40 recruitment cards
      • Unlock 3 Attribute Bars, each purification will cost 80 recruitment cards

Others Tips

  • The attribute value will go up and down when you purify; however, the overall value will keep increasing until it reaches the Max.
  • When you refresh attribute types, you have a chance to get the same attribute types. For example, you may get 3 archer attack attributes.
  • It could be a smart move to increase the attribute value to Max first then refresh the attribute types. The Max Value won’t change when you refresh attribute types.
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