Clash of Kings Dragon

Clash of Kings Dragon Details

Clash of Kings dragon can be obtained from a dragon egg. It houses its own set of abilities, combat attributes, skills and its own power. You can enhance its abilities by upgrading it.

Increase Dragon’s EXP

You can spend resources or gold to increase the dragon’s EXP.

Upgrading the Dragon

When the dragon’s EXP reaches 100%, you can spend a particular item to upgrade it. The dragon may bring back some essential items for upgrading.


When the dragon levels up, its attributes and power will be increased. It will unlock new skills as it reaches certain levels. The dragon’s skills are so powerful they can bring you buffs and help you in the battle.

Dragon Skill

Use it to learn the dragon skill, and gain a new ability! You can get the Lucky Chest (Dragon) from the Dragon Tower and Traveling Merchant, has a chance to give the Dragon Flame! (Check the obtained Dragon Flame from the Items)

 Learn the skill

  • After using the Dragon Flame, the obtained Dragon Skill will be displayed in the dragon skill slot, you can choose to learn the new dragon skill, to replace one of the previous skills.
  • The replaced skill will be move to the skill slot, so you can re-use this skill anytime when you want to.
  • The primitive skill of the dragon cannot be learnt by other dragons.
  • You cannot learn new skills with a locked skill slot, level up the dragon to unlock more skill slots.

Note: The ultimate battle skill (last slot) is exclusive for each dragon, unable to switch to other skills.

Skill Upgrade

  • You can upgrade the dragon skill, higher level will bring stronger buff
  • You can get EXP for upgrading from absorbing other dragon’s skill
  • The absorbed skill will disappear and no longer exist in the skill slot, please select the skill carefully.
  • High quality skills need more EXP to upgrade, so when absorbed, they are good materials with high EXP.
  • High level skills in the same quality are also good material (more EXP) for absorbing.
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