Clash of Kings Dragon Word

Clash of Kings Dragon Word

Different combinations of Dragon Grapheme Stone means different Dragon Words, and different Dragon Words have different attributes. Try to activate the Dragon Word with related Dragon Grapheme Stones. You can only activate one Dragon Word at a time.

Types of Dragon Words

Common Dragon Words: You can activate the common Dragon Words only if you have the according Dragon Grapheme Stones, which means you won’t lose the stones after activating a common Dragon word, and all the common Dragon Words share the Dragon Grapheme Stones.

Special Dragon Words: Ancient Dragon Word. Since Ancient Dragon Word is so powerful, the according Dragon Grapheme Stones will be consumed when activating it, but won’t be consumed twice if you activate it again. It will be marked as Ancient Dragon Word.

Dragon Word Background

Long long a ago, the kingdom was dominated by a mysterious race: Dragon Clan. There is a difficult question: How do the dragons communicate with each other? The scholars believe that the dragons also have their own words. These big guys roar to express themselves to others, and the roars constitute their words. These words have flame, cold snap and other magics. Their words are very ancient, but still can be translated.

Once people believed that the ancient words should belong to the virtual myth. However, since some stones with mysterious symbols were discovered, the scholars start to believe that these are the keys which can help them open the Gate of Dragon Word. The scholars built the Palace of Dragon Word right away to research the mysterious stones, in order to find out the real meaning of Dragon Words.

The Scholars found that these mysterious symbols may be the “grapheme” of Dragon Word, so these stones are called Dragon Grapheme Stone. According to this, scholars found that there are so many combinations of Dragon Grapheme Stones have their own meaning, and they translated them successfully. Dragon Words have magic power, and different Dragon Words have their special magic power. The scholars are dedicated to translate more Dragon Words.

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