Clash of Kings Ancient Dragon Tower

Clash of Kings Ancient Dragon Tower Details

You can send troops into the new Ancient Dragon Tower building within your city, challenge monsters and win the ancient dragon treasure. The Ancient Dragon Tower has many floors occupied by  monsters of different difficulties: easy, medium, and hard. You can get better rewards from harder challenges. The monsters on higher floors will be stronger than lower ones, so you can get better rewards from the higher floors.

Dragon Tower Requirements

You need a lvl10 Castle to unlock the tower. Upgrading the Dragon Tower unlocks more floors. You can only take one challenge a day.

The dragon tower is on the right side of the dam. Click the tower to enter the first floor! You can upgrade the dragon tower to reach the highest floor. The Dragon tower is divided into many floors, each floor with easy, medium, difficult three level monsters. You could get better rewards and higher points from high level monster in the tower. Click the monster to check their troop details before battle, choose the most suitable monster based on your current power.

Troop Rules

  • You can’t change the troops after enter the tower
  • Redeeming the special buff is the only chance to change the troops in the tower
  • Redeem the points and use gold to get Buff on every 3 floors, the buffs will be shown randomly.

Dragon Tower Rewards

  • Weekly First Kill Rewards: For your first time killing of the week, you can get first kill rewards on every floor.
  • Floor Rewards: For your first time passing certain floors (multiple of 5, eg. 5, 10, 15…) of the week.
  • Basic Rewards: After getting the First Kill Rewards, you can still win Basic Rewards for killing monsters on each floor for the rest of the week.

Dragon Tower Battle Rules

The monsters in the Dragon Tower are formed with troops at various levels, amounts and attributes. You need to play wisely to pick your target, and to reduce your loss. You need to start from 1st Floor every day. Troops will be injured in each battle, but all the fights in Dragon Tower are just simulation, which means they will have no effect on you real troop amount in the normal fights. After clearing each floor, you can treat some of the wounded to keep your power and continue the challenge. The healing will take time, and keep increasing the higher you go, even if the troop amount and level are the same.

Suggestions: Heal a part of your troops after every challenge. It is helpful to recover your power to move on.  Healing troops will take some time. It will take more time while you are healing the troops on higher floors.

Exchange for Buff

After beating a floor, you will get rewards and points. If the floor number is a multiple of 3 (eg. 3,6,9…) You can use points and gold to exchange a troop buff in the Dragon Tower, which can help you in the fights. Please note that these buff items are only effective in the Dragon Tower.

 Wipe Out

When you make it higher than the 10th floor, you can use Wipe Out for the remainder of the week. With this feature, you can go directly to a certain floor (Your highest floor of the week -10). For example, if you made it to the 21th floor, you can wipe out the monster and go directly to the 11th floor. However, if you already choose to start from the 1st floor, then you cannot use Wipe Out.

Wipe Out Rules

  • You can activate[ the wipe out mode] once your best challenged floor is higher than the 10th floor.
  • The wipe out function will take you to the specific floor (Your best challenged floor -10) and bring the corresponding reward and points directly to you.
  • You can’t use wipe out function if you start the challenge from the 1st floor.

Check Other Lord’s Records

You can check others challenges in the tower. It is the best way to learn how to match troops and win the challenge.

Lord Records Tips

  • Check the troops of the monsters in the tower before you challenge.
  • Use a Maximum March item to bring more troops into the tower
  • Redeem the suited buff in the tower to strengthen your troops. You can only choose one buff each time. Use your points carefully.
  • The wipe out function will save time for you.
  • No troops will die in the tower challenge.
  • Click the blue icons on the left top to check your current buffs.
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