Clash of Kings Castle

Clash of Kings Castle Details

Clash of Kings Castle is the most important building of any buildings in the world of Clash of Kings. It must be upgraded to unlock other Buildings; and determines their level caps. Listed under the Resources, a players income and troop upkeep is listed. Listed under City Status, any buff information can be seen.

See the table below for Clash of Kings Castle Building Requirements:

 Castle Building Requirements

Note: An addition to the below Buildings, you will need your Wall to be the same level as your current Castle.

Clash if Kings Castle Building Requirements

Castle Resource Hourly Gathering Speed Increase

Clash of Kings Castle Speed Bonus

Castle Attacked and Destroyed

Clash of Kings Castle DefenseIf you are attacked and your Castle’s defenses fail, your Castle will be set on fire for 30 minutes.  Likewise, your city defense points will continue to decrease. To recover your city defense points, you must “Rebuild”. To fully restore them faster use a teleport. If your city defense points decreases to zero (0), your Castle will be ruined, and automatically relocated (teleported) to a random place within the Kingdom. Within the Black Belt, the burning speed increases significantly, so please extinguish the fire on time.

To stay safe from attacks, you can use a Piece Shield to stop being attacked by others. You can also use a newbie teleport, a random teleport or an advanced teleport to escape enemies’ continuous attacks. DO NOT USE A TELEPORT IF AN ATTACK IS ALREADY BEING SENT YOUR WAY – THE ATTACK WILL AUTOMATICALLY HIT YOU. You may consider joining one of the bigger Alliances to gain stronger protection.

Castle Prestige Level

When your Castle reaches Level 30, you can build a Wonder. Upon completion of the Wonder, you can improve the Prestige Level of your Castle.

  • Prestige 1
    • Build Wonder
      • Required: lvl 30 Castle, lvl 30 Walls, lvl 30 Farm, lvl 30 Wishing Well, 0 resources
    • Upgrade Castle 10x
      • Required: Wonder, 4.43mil Wood, 4.43mil Food, 422k Iron, 27k Mithril, 100 Prestige badges
  • Prestige 2
    • Build Wonder Prestige 1, upgrade 10x
      • Required: lvl 1 Prestige Walls, lvl 1 Prestige Iron Mine, lvl 1 Prestige Wood Mill, lvl 1 Prestige Mithril mine)
    • Upgrade castle 10x
      • Required: Wonder Prestige lvl 1, 7.3mil Wood, 7.3mil Food, 695k Iron, 44k Mithril
  • Prestige 3
    • Build Wonder Prestige 2, upgrade 10x
      • Required: lvl 2 Prestige walls, lvl 2 Prestige Depot, lvl 2 Prestige Farm, 1.1mil iron, 9 Prestige badges)
    • Upgrade castle 10x
      • Required: Wonder Prestige lvl 2, 13.3mil Wood, 13.3mil Food, 1,25mil iron, 400 Prestige badges
  • Prestige 4
    • Build Wonder Prestige 3, upgrade 10x
      • Required:
  • Prestige 5
    • Build Wonder Prestige 4, upgrade 10x
      • Required: lvl 4 Prestige Stables, lvl 4 Prestige Barracks, lvl 4 Prestige Iron Mine, 3mil Iron, 750k Mithril, 32 Prestige badges)
    • Upgrade castle 10x
      • Required:

Increase Your Prestige Level:

  • There are 10 stages for each Prestige Level (From 0%, 10%, 20% to 90%).
  • The completion of each stage gets you 10% closer to the next Prestige Level.
  • Completing each stage gives you Lord EXP and Power.
  • Once you complete 100% of the stages, your Prestige Level will increase by 1 level.
  • When your Castle reaches Level 30, click Building –> Check the Details to check the benefits of upgrading your Prestige level.

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