Clash of Kings Battle for the Throne Event

Clash of Kings Battle for the Throne Event Details

Clash of Kings Battle for the Throne Event is the main battle of any kingdom, where everyone can participate in the search of conquering the throne and become the great king of his/her kingdom, but only those with absolute power will survive this great battle. As King you will have wealth and privilege, where you can also benefit from its allies. Being the great King of the Throne is a supreme honor.

States of the Throne

The Battle for the Throne happens at certain times, as there are three states of the Throne

  1. Status Preparation: During this state, the Throne is being prepared, this state will be a period of time until the Kingdom is stabilized, there is still no king in the Kingdom and the Throne cannot be touched. The Battle for the Throne Event will not start until this state ends.
  2. State of Battle (competing): During this state, the Battle for the Throne has started, you can try to conquer the Throne and become the great King of the Kingdom. This state remains initially for 8 hours, but this depends on how is the battle, an alliance must remain eight hours on the throne without anyone take the throne if someone take resumes of over eight hours counting and until a coalition stay for 8 hours on the throne, this state remains.
  3. Estado Defender: In this state, the Throne will be protected and cannot be touched. Just who will have access to the Throne will be the great new king. But you can still see the Throne information, such as details of the last battle, appointments of gifts sent packages and Hall of Fame. This state lasts for three days.

How the Battle for the Throne

When you start the battle state, you can battle for the Throne. The Throne is located in the center of the Kingdom at the coordinates X: 600, Y: 600. You can attack, spying and declare war to the Throne, the total capacity of its alliance troops on the Throne varies according to the level of the player’s War Room and its number of Troops. For you to become King, you and your Alliance will have to keep the Throne for 8 hours straight without anyone removing you from the Throne, if someone is removed, the count restarts and returns to 8 hours for those in the Throne today, but you can still attack and try to retake the throne again.

Note: Troops sent to the Throne become delayed until they get there, this happens when the Troops enter the map of the Dark Earth, the Troops on this site have difficulty to march and its speed is decreased. You may also use catapults, there are 4 Catapults they attack the troops who are on the Throne so gradually decreased the Troops on the Throne, but it only attacks the Throne if the Troops who are in them are not the same Alliance of which are on the Throne. The Alliance that remain for eight hours on the Throne will the right to elect the new Great King.

King Benefits

  • Troop Attack + 15%
  • Military Defense + 15%
  • March Size + 10%
  • Castle Appearance Change

King Appointments

The King may choose a particular appeal for it to be improved in the Kingdom for a certain time. Likewise, the King can choose the appearance of their Throne, totally changing the Throne leaving him in a way amazing and can be seen on the world map and in the Kingdom. The King also chooses the flag of the Kingdom, can be seen on the world map and in the Kingdom. The King will have 35 present available and can send these gifts to those who they wish within the Kingdom. These gifts can only be sent once for each player during the reign of King. The Gifts are:

  • 5 Gift Conqueror
  • 10 Gift Defender
  • 20 support

Appointments Advantages and Disadvantages

Appointments are titles of players chosen by the King on the Throne, these appointments offer effects on them called Buffs (positive effect) and Debuffs (negative effect). These effects display icons that can be displayed above the Castle who is appointed by the King. The following appointments and their effects:

  • Queen: Total Resource Production + 15% and Resource Protection + 20%
  • Prime Minister: Speed of construction 5%, Soldiers Training speed + 5% and Speed Search + 5%
  • Judge: Total Resource Production + 10% and Soldiers Training speed + 5%
  • CFO: Total Resource Production + 5% and Maintenance -10%
  • Knight: Attack Troop + 5% and speed march + 10%
  • Guard: Attack Troop + 5% and Defense Troop + 5%
  • Wise: Speed Search + 10%
  • Forge: Speed of construction + 10%
  • Employed: Attack Troop -10% and Total Resource Production -5%
  • Bridegroom: Total Resource Production -5% and Maintenance + 10%
  • Clown: Walking speed -5% and Soldiers Training speed -10%
  • Civilian:. Defense Troop -5% and Total Resource Production -10%
  • Spy: Attack Troop -8% and Defense Troop -8%
  • Thief: Resource Protection -20%
  • Criminal: Speed March -15%
  • Bobo: Search speed -15%

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is where it shows all the previous players that made it to the Kings Throne. There it shows the first Kingdom’s King to the last current King of the Throne and his Alliance they were in when he became King.

Battle for the Throne Strategy

  1. Have a High level Hall of War
    • Hall of War lvl 20 or higher
    • If playing within a new kingdom, analyze who has the biggest Castle to see who else has a high level (assuming) Hall of War. This Castle becomes the biggest competitor. Try to spy who their captain rally, their capacity Hall of War, and their attributes. This can be done various ways.
  2. Have a Large amount of High level Troops
    • Must have at least lvl 6, 7, 8 to Defend
  3. Good Lord Skill Points, Equipment, Equipment Attributes, and Science
    • Even with a High lvl Hall of War, low attributes will get you killed. Troops health,defense,attack is important attributes
    • Have Alliance Science: COLOSSAL LEGION
    • Use Bonus Attack / Defense
  4. Great Active Alliance
    • Need a minimum of 20 to 25 active Alliance member to full the Throne and Catapult. If battle is at the Throne, 30 to 40 Alliance members will be needed.
    • You can’t do it alone.
  5. Infantry.. Infantry.. Infantry
  6. Use Speed Ups
    • Send Troops fast for both Attack or Reinforce
    • If Defending, Reinforce fast to hinder enemies attacking your Troops
    • If Attacking, Attack fast before enemies Reinforcements arrive.
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