Clash of Kings Alternate Accounts Strategy

Alternate Farm Accounts Strategy

  • If the sole purpose of an alternate accout is to gathering resources, training level 1 chariots.
    • Bricole utilize low upkeep while having an amazing load amount. Minimizing food upkeep.
  • Place alternate accounts immediately adjacent to the main Castle. This minimizes the marching distance needed when plundering alternates for resources.
  • Specialize the alternate accounts in only one resource type.
  • Do not build turrets. This allows the main account to freely plunder without the loss of troops.
    • Empty the alternate of troops prior to plundering.
  • Recommended Castle is level eleven (11). This allows for three (3) march and better research.  You can reach Castle 11 in roughlt seven (7) days by focusing on only the item the Castle needs to upgrade.
  • Train level one (1) Troops. Do not train cavalry – they have low load. Train Chariots, Infantry, and Archer.
  • Gather from nodes 40km to 100km away from the hive. This allows the main account any the Alliance closer nodes.
  • Build farms after you reach castle 11 or 12, t ensure war readiness and the training of troops.
  • Attack the alternate accounts at least once a day.
  • Inform your Alliance of your alternate farm accounts t ensure they stay away.
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