Clash of Kings Alliance

Alliance Leader

The Alliance Leader owns the highest permission of in the Alliance at  rank5. If the Alliance Leader stays offline for seven (7) consecutive days, any player at rank3 or rank4 has the ability to become the new Leader by spending gold.

Alliance Rank

Once a member joins or creats an Alliance, the Alliance Rank of Leader is 5, while all other members are set by default to rank1. Their Alliance Rank can be incrase or decrease by alliance members with higher rank.

Alliance Donation and Science

Member of the Alliance can donate resources and gold to various Alliance Sciences. Upon doing so, will reward them with Alliance Honor as the Alliance gets Alliance Point. Each donation increases a cooldown timer. Once the cooldown reaches four (4) hours, the member can not donation for the doration of this time. The goal is the donate until the timer comes as close to the four (4) hour mark as possible without going over. This allows the member to wait for the timer to decrease without having to wait the full four (4) hours. After the donations are complete, rank4 and rank5 members can start the research science. Once the research science is complete, all alliance members receive the science bonus. Only one Alliance Science can be researched at a time. As each science layer is reasearched, more advanced science become unlocked.

Alliance Store

Members can obtain Alliance Point by donations and activities rewards to purchase senior items from the Alliance Store.  Rank4 and rank5 members have the ability to add items for the Alliance Store by consuming Alliance Points.

Alliance Help

Members of the Alliance can request Alliance Help when upgrading thier buildings, research technology or healing thier wounded. This reduces the corresponding build, reseach, or healing times. Every alliance member can offer help to each member via the shortcut in the Embassy. The resulting Help effects is determined by the Embassy’s level of the member helping.

Resources Help

This is free resources assistance among Alliance members. Once a lord joins an alliance and owns a Market, they have the ability to send resources to those allies in need of resources help. Resources help is taxed; however, a lord can upgrade the Market’s level to reduce the tax paid percentage. The resources are transported from the sender’s Castle to the receiver’s Castle. Upgrading Top Speed, via the Alliance Science, effectively increases this delivery speed.

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