Clash of Kings Alliance Setup and Management

Clash of Kings Alliance Setup and Management Details

Managing an Alliance

In Clash of Kings, managing a successful Alliance requires a lot of time and effort. Likewise, dedication from the leader and the Alliance team members is a must. Your Alliance needs to be effective at all times: through planned decisions, constant recruiting and building Alliance buildings. In order to ensure one can meet these requisites, the King/Queen should set-up a leadership group (R5/R4 members).

King/Queen and Leadership

A successful leadership group needs a combination of experiences from ‘real life’ expertise and gaming expertise. A setup for an successful team is the appointment of key positions:

  • Internal Ministry: In charge of internal matters ranging from ensuring members collect and manage resources to ensure donations are delivered.
  • External Ministry: In charge of external matters ranging from diplomacy, tracking other Alliance movements and providing advice in diplomatic avenues.
  • Warfare Ministry: In charge of ensuring members are efficient in building, Troop priorities, troop formation advice and Dark Knight event planning.
  • Recruitment Officer: In charge of Alliance setup and identifies potential recruits. Creates an Alliance selling point to effectively convince others your alliance has the correct leadership and ambition.

Beginning Stages

During the beginning stages of building an successful Alliance, it is important the leader offer and communicate the protection guidelines to all members. Not every Alliance has strong players to start. Building and managing an Alliance involves key planning and awareness and needs to be communicated to all members daily via chat and email. The leader needs to also communicate their awareness of their surroundings and capabilities within the kingdom.

Alliance Buildings

Agree on an Alliance strategy from the start, commit to it and execute it. Strategies come in all forms but its important to have a strategy for buildings.  In the beginning, focus on farmers, farm, mills and depot. This stage is the most difficult, it is important to dedicate time and focus on ensuring  farm, mills, and Troops are evolving and growing. Once executed, ensure the next order of business is moved to the priority; be it power building strategies or further building development strategies.

Alliance Protection

Be aware of members Depot levels and the level of resources protected. Communicate the Alliance Depot can hold excess resources with a daily transfer level of about 250k to begin with, for a growing Alliance this is substantial. Ensure the upkeep for resources are within the Castle’s depot limit and if not, ensure members are constantly using resources to build, train, research, forge equipment, build traps. For resources over the Depot limit, share among Alliance members. Hoarding resources feed enemies. Build the strongest defense setup as possible: walls, traps and defense Troops.


Arguably the most important setup, Troops are always needed.  For protection, use peace shields, send them to the Dark Knight ruins or set an 8 hour rally. Point the rally at an alternate account (farm account) to prevent hostilities with another Alliance. If one can not afford peace shields and will be offline for an unknown period of time, send Troops to another Alliance member with a shield as reinforcement. This protects Troops, as well as, ensures Troops are assisting the Alliance cause.

Alliance Attacks

Communication is key. Ensure all members are aware of attack and defend protocols. Use the “mail all” feature and clearly outline attacks taking place. If external communications (LINE), post in chat. If active members can reinforce, they need to. Best case scenario, they will be wounded if Hospitals can manage capacity. If powerful enough and other strong members are online for back up,  one could choose to attack the attacker, preferably as a rally. Most attackers will come solo or in small groups. Solo members are easier to attack, as they may be far away from their alliance hive. If this is the case, their alliance may not be able to reinforce them in time.

Counter Attacks

Ensure a counter attack system is setup early, one where leadership stay aware or manage attacks or raids by members. Communicate which member attacks which target. Leadership can click on Lord details, click Alliance and check Allies. If confident Alliance can win if attacked from raids, then attack. Note: awareness and planning, choose enemies wisely, the game has a habit of changing rapidly.

Commission Alliance Rules

Every Alliance needs rules and every member needs to be aware of what is expected, the code of conduct, and what is expected when representing the Alliance. Ranging from expected behaviors to expected outcomes for building and donations. A successful Alliance is one built around sound Alliance rules and members who abide by them.

Eight Alliance rules every Alliance needs:

  1. Buildings
  2. Troops
  3. Research and Alliance Research
  4. Building Defense
  5. Resource Collection
  6. Quests
  7. Dark Knight Event Participation
  8. Alliance Help
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