Alliance Hive Placement and Setup

Clash of Kings Alliance Hive Placement

Having a better Alliance hive placement will help those within you Alliance better protect the Alliance as a whole against multiple incursions from enemies. Each of the below setups are designed with improving the overall Alliance hive’s security, main accounts and farm accounts included. Please choose wisely, and cooperate within your Alliance. Placement will need to be exact.

Decide what requires the most protection. It is comment knowledge by now that farm accounts are vital for the growth of Alliance members. If the Alliance is very strong, but having problems with smaller enemies porting in and attacking farm accounts, consider one of these layouts to better protect your Alliance.

It should be noted that Alliance turrets are not within every plan. Utilize them in order to fill gaps when Alliance members port out of hive. This process is very effective and does not allow enemies to port in.

Hive Placement One

Placement One

Placement One is most effective against solo enemies who are constantly harass the zone and target farm accounts. Having farm accounts on the inside of the hive will provide more security and time for Alliance members to react. Clash of Kings was not designed to protect farm accounts, so work with what is provided. Placing Farm Alliance Towers inside the hive also increases farming efficiency.

An enemy porting near a main Castle, with purpose of attacking farms, will have to travel. This leaves their own Castle exposed. Leaving a couple of choices, either destroy your invader or deny him. Attack the farm the enemy is attacking, as an Alliance, and take the resources before him.

Hive Placement Two

Placement Two

Placement Two is a little more complicate.  Too ensure all Alliance Castles fit, start Castle placement near the Tower. The last castle will only be half the tower Influence area. In short, fit three Castles in every direction of the Tower.

Only 90 Castles will be within the Influence range of main Alliance Towers and 38 Farms inside; the rest of the farm accounts are placed outside the hive – surrounding the main castles. These act as a shield and will protect anyone from porting in. Farms inside will be the most secure, it is recommended reserving these spots for Alliance Farms.

Hive Placement Three

Placement Three

Note: Tier 5 science (120 members) is need for this placement.

Placement Three is a stronghold designed with no weak spots – Alliance members under attack can quickly receive Reinforcements. Farms act as shields to prevent anyone porting in. There are enough spots for 120 Castles.

Note: Top Ranking Alliances are placing their hives in level 7 plot areas to ensure they are in range of the throne. This could prove to be a huge mistake. Resource plots, once an Alliance has 90+ Castles and 200+ farm accounts, become very scarce. Move your Alliance hive into level 6 plot areas to ensure you profit the most from level 7 plots.
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