Clash of Kings Time Traveler’s Set

Clash of Kings Time Traveler’s Set Details

Clash of Kings Time Traveler’s Set allows to wearer a set of bonuses that increase speedup time in regards to Infantry training and higher Hospital capacity.

Set Bonuses:

  • Two Pieces – +7000 Hospital Capacity
  • Four Pieces – +15% Lvl1-7 Infantry Training Speed
  • Six Pieces – -3 Hours to upgrade time of the Barracks for lvl19 and lower

Time Traveler’s Set Materials

Clash of Kings Time Traveler Set Traveler's Sword
Materials Required:

  • Jade Lvl5 x1
  • Herb Lvl5 x1
  • Ancient Weapon Blueprint x5
  • Platane Wood x35

Clash of Kings Time Traveler Set Traveler's Helmet
Materials Required:

  • Bronze Lvl5 x1
  • Fur Lvl5 x1
  • Ancient Weapon Blueprint x5
  • Platane Wood x35

Clash of Kings Time Traveler Set Traveler's Armor
Materials Required:

  • Maple Lvl5 x1
  • Garnet Lvl5 x1
  • Ancient Weapon Blueprint x5
  • Platane Wood x35

Clash of Kings Time Traveler Set Traveler's Gaiter
Materials Required:

  • Bone Lvl5 x1
  • Cobalt Lvl5 x1
  • Ancient Weapon Blueprint x5
  • Platane Wood x35

Clash of Kings Time Traveler Set Traveler's Boots
Materials Required:

  • Fabric Lvl5 x1
  • Horn Lvl5 x1
  • Ancient Weapon Blueprint x5
  • Platane Wood x35

Clash of Kings Time Traveler Set Traveler's Ring
Materials Required:

  • Rhodonite Lvl5 x1
  • Amber Lvl5 x1
  • Ancient Weapon Blueprint x5
  • Platane Wood x35
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Clash of Kings Kingdom Group Buying Event

Clash of King Alliance Group Buying Event

Clash of Kings Kingdom Group Buying Event Details

Clash of Kings Kingdom Group Buying Event takes into account the new feature of Alliance Group Buying and makes it, well, an event. Everyone in the Alliance can buy Group Buying Packs for a small amount of money (1$ per pack) and get GREAT REWARDS! The packs will be sent THE NEXT DAY, they will be worth the wait!

Remember, the more packs your Alliance buy in total the better each pack will be!


The Event

During the event, players with a Castle level 15 or higher can buy the Group Buying Packs. Players will not receive the packs immediately and all packs will be sent by mail when one buying round ends. The Kingdom total purchase amount will decide the type of packs players will receive.

Type of Pack

Alliance total purchase reaches:

  • 01 pack – Standard Kingdom Group Buying Pack
  • 10 packs – Superior Kingdom Group Buying Pack
  • 50 packs – Rich Kingdom Group Buying Pack
  • 150 packs – Luxury Kingdom Group Buying Pack
  • 300 packs – Epic Kingdom Group Buying Pack
  • 500 packs – Legendary Kingdom Group Buying Pack

Event Time

Each round of Group Buying is from the system time 00:00 to 23:59. From 23:00 to 00:00 is the reward sending time, you will be unable to purchase any Kingdom Group Buying Packs during this time.

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Clash of Kings Hero Purification

Clash of Kings Purification

Clash of Kings Hero Purification Details

Clash of Kings Hero Purification  can be unlocked once you unlock a Hero. Click the Hero interface to enter the Hero purification function. You can activate 2 Attribute Slots with a Level 1 Hero; the 3rd Attribute Slot will be available when the Hero reaches level 30. Hero purification can greatly improve your Heroes. You can purify different Attribute types to strengthen your hero.
Remember, Hero purification is a smart way to get stronger; however, it also depends on your LUCK!

Hero Purification Type

  • Refresh Attribute Types
    • You can use gold to refresh new purification types, and remember to keep your favorite purification.
  • Attribute Purification
    • Use hero recruitment cards to adjust the attribute. You will see the attribute value increase or decrease; you can purify the attribute until the value reaches the maximum amount.

Hero Purification UI Information

  • Attribute Lock
    • Use the lock on the right when you want to keep your favorite attribute. After you use the lock, you can refresh other Attribute List as you need, and the locked attribute will be kept safe.
  • List of Attribute Types
    • You can check all the Attribute Types in the list and see their maximum amount.
  • Unlock Attribute Bar
    • You can find the Bar in the Hero Attribute UI. Hero purification will be available when your hero reach level 1. You can unlock the Attribute Bar for free. You get a random attribute after unlocking the bar.
  • Return Button
    • Click the button if you don’t like the attribute value, and the attribute value will return to its previous number.
  • Recruitment card
    • You can see your total recruitment card number here.
  • Refresh attribute types
    • Each refresh will cost gold. Refreshing will cost more if you lock some attributes.
  • All Attribute Bar Unlocked
    • 1000 gold per time. Refreshing with 1 locked Attribute Bar: 2000 gold per time. Refreshing with 2 locked Attribute Bars: 4000 gold per time.
  • Purify
    • Each Purification will cost recruitment cards. When an attribute reaches the maximum, it won’t cost any recruitment cards when you purify.
      • Unlock 1 Attribute Bar, each purification will cost 20 recruitment cards
      • Unlock 2 Attribute Bars, each purification will cost 40 recruitment cards
      • Unlock 3 Attribute Bars, each purification will cost 80 recruitment cards

Others Tips

  • The attribute value will go up and down when you purify; however, the overall value will keep increasing until it reaches the Max.
  • When you refresh attribute types, you have a chance to get the same attribute types. For example, you may get 3 archer attack attributes.
  • It could be a smart move to increase the attribute value to Max first then refresh the attribute types. The Max Value won’t change when you refresh attribute types.
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Clash of Kings Hero Rufus

Clash of Kings Hero Rufus

Clash of Kings Hero Rufus

Clash of Kings Hero Rufus can be found in your hero palace. Once upon a time, he was also a famous killer in all kingdoms. However, an old Rufus became bored with war and begun to do business as a merchant. Please know Rufus is not a war hero, but he will bring you more and more resources! AND HE WILL TAKE A LOT OF RESOURCE TO OBTAIN.

How to use Rufus

Rufus can speed-up your gathering and get extra resources for you! All the strong lords need such a good merchant behind them! When Rufus achieves level 38. He will activate a new skill which allows you to get 20% more resources while gathering for 4 hours.

Rufus Skills

  • Resources Gathering III — Level 38
    • After you use, you will get Resource gathering speed +10% (effective when garrisoned in the Castle), lasts for 4 hours.
    • CD time: 24 hours
  • Greed: Food– Level 38
    • Use the skill to obtain 1 million food directly.
    • CD time: 24 hours
  • Business methods
    • After you use, you can Collect additional resources +20% (effective when garrisoned in the Castle), lasts for 4 hours.
    • CD time: 24 hours
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Clash of Kings Hero System

Clash of Kings Hero Selma

Clash of Kings Hero System Details

Clash of Kings Hero can be obtained once your Castle reaches level 23. You can get a new building called Hero Palace located near your Event Center.


Hero Talent

By upgrading Hero(s), you can get Talent (skill points). By learning skill points, you can increase your Hero’s attribution. This is the same as your Lord skill. Different attribution will bring different buffs to your Hero’s garrison and/or march.

Hero Trials

  • New Feature for the Hero Palace
  • By clearing stages in the Hero Trails, you gain Hero related items; to include Hero Shards, EXP, and materials for Equipment Sets.
  • There are separate levels in the Hero Trails. You an get rewards by defeating monsters of each level.
  • You can only challenge each level once a day; however, you can buy extra chances when your VIP level meets the requirement.
  • Troops will get wounded when challenging in the Hero Trails. Do not forget to heal them!

Hero Equipment

  • Your Hero can equip equipment to receive extra bonuses.
  • Equipment can only switch the equipment within your city.
  • One piece of equipment can only be worn by one Hero or Lord.
  • When captured, the current equipment will be sent back to your Blacksmith Storage.

Hero Garrison

Click the little “+” on the build > click “Garrison”. You can send your Hero to guard your building. Your Hero will increase corresponding attribution of that building. Each building can only be garrisoned by one Hero and one Hero can only stay at one building.

Hero March

When sending out Troops, you can select a Hero to march with your legion to increase your attribution.


You can build a Prison behind the Hero Palace. Once you capture other player’s Hero, they will be imprisoned there.

  • When you attack an enemy’s Castle and their Hero is within the city, you can capture the Hero if you win the battle. If you lose, the enemy has a chance to capture your Hero.
  •  When the battle happens outside your Castle, if you win the battle and the enemy selected a Hero within his legion, you have a change to capture his Hero. The same if you loss the battle, he has a chance to capture your Hero.
  • You can torture, release, or execute the captured Hero. Once you torture the Hero, his Lord will receive a mail about how you humiliated his Hero. Once released, the Hero will back to his Lord. If you do not release the Hero, after a countdown has completed, you can execute the Hero.
  • Opening a peace shield will release the Hero you captured.
  • If your Hero has been captured and you want to save him, an Alliance member can defeat the Lord and have your Hero released.


Players can build a Cemetery behind the Prison. After you execute a Hero, he will be placed within that Lord’s Cemetery. If your Hero has been captured and you do not want him to be tortured, you can buy a Hero Suicide Letter from the store. Once used, your Hero will die and be placed within your Cemetery. After being placed within your Cemetery, the Hero needs a certain amount of time to be reborn.During this time, the Hero will be back to normal and you will not suffer any loss.

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Clash of Kings Obsidian

Clash of Kings Obsidian

Clash of Kings Obsidian Details

Clash of Kings Obsidian is used while forging. You will have a better chance of getting a legendary quality equipment set piece. There are two types of Obsidian, Basic Obsidian and Advanced Obsidian. Basic Obsidian can be used to forge equipment below lv.30 while advanced Obsidian can be used to forge equipment above lv.30. Each forging will only cost you 1 obsidian.

You can upgrade the level of Obsidian by synthesizing, Advanced Obsidian can be synthesized from 2 Basic Obsidian. For example, 2 Obsidian can be synthesized into 1 Obsidian II.

Obsidian Quality Improvement Effects

  • Obsidian I = 03% chance
  • Obsidian II = 05% chance
  • Obsidian III = 10% chance
  • Obsidian IV = 15% chance
  • Obsidian V = 20% chance
  • Obsidian VI = 25% chance
  • Obsidian VII = 35% chance
  • Obsidian VIII = 50% chance
  • Obsidian IX = 75% chance
  • Obsidian X = 100% chance

How to get Obsidian

  • Dragon Tower Trails
  • Hero Trials
  • Daily Quest

Obsidian Tips

If you don’t use any Obsidian when forging, you will 100% get the Epic Equipment Set. You can active the Equipment Set special buff when you have some parts of equipment Set. The buff only could be activated when you have 2,4,6 the same quality equipment. The Equipment Set special buff only can be activated by the same quality equipment. For example, any buff is available when you use an orange Mercy equipment and a gold Mercy equipment at the same time. You can have a chance to get basic materials (Sandalwood,Five-star Stone,Dragon scale)from above lvl 10 monsters. The basic materials will drop into your box directly. You can’t get Obsidian from decomposing the equipment set.

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Clash of Kings Hero Selma

Clash of Kings Hero Selma

Clash of Kings Hero Selma Details

Selma will lead you to new victories. She not only has a beautiful face but also powerful skills. She is so popular that everyone wants to fight with her. The following info will help you better understand her and her fighting style.

Selma’s Passive Skills

  • Chainmail: Infantry basic defense points +1
  • Cold Light: Pikeman Crit Chance +1%

Selma’s Talent Skills

Battle skill

  • Chainmail: Infantry basic defense points +1
  • Pikeman Crit: Pikeman Crit Damage +10%
    • Lasts 30 mins
    • CD: 8 hours
  • Cold Light: Pikeman Crit Chance +10%
    • Lasts 30 mins
    • CD: 12 hours
  • Tough Shield Thorn: Flower’s Damage received by Infantry -5%
    • Lasts 30 mins
    • CD: 24 hours

Development Skill

  • Chainmail: Infantry basic defense points +1
  • Cold Light: Pikeman Crit Chance +1%
  • Infantry VIII Training Thorn: Flower’s Infantry VIII training speed +15%
    • Lasts 1 hour
    • CD: 8 hours
  • Infantry Recruitment Thorn: Flower’s Infantry training amount +100
    • Lasts 1 hour
    • CD: 8 hours

Support skill

  • Chainmail: Infantry basic defense points +1
  • Cold Light: Pikeman Crit Chance +1%
  • Infantry IX Training Thorn: Flower’s Infantry IX training speed +10%
    • Lasts 1 hour
    • CD: 12 hours
  • Infantry X Training Thorn: Flower’s Infantry X training speed +5%
    • Lasts 1 hour
    • CD: 24 hours

Selma Strategy

Selma is an attacking type hero, she will make your Infantry stronger. She can also improve Defense, Crit Chance and Damage of your Infantry. Her defense points will strengthen Shield Troops and reduce the Pikeman’s damage in the battlefield. Prepare some attack type equipment to activate all of Selma’s talent skills. Selma will bring you more choices. Troop march and Strategy. Speed up the troops training, and add increase your training limit.

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Clash of Kings Ancient Dragon Tower

Clash of Kings Dragon Tower

Clash of Kings Ancient Dragon Tower Details

You can send troops into the new Ancient Dragon Tower building within your city, challenge monsters and win the ancient dragon treasure. The Ancient Dragon Tower has many floors occupied by  monsters of different difficulties: easy, medium, and hard. You can get better rewards from harder challenges. The monsters on higher floors will be stronger than lower ones, so you can get better rewards from the higher floors.

Dragon Tower Requirements

You need a lvl10 Castle to unlock the tower. Upgrading the Dragon Tower unlocks more floors. You can only take one challenge a day.

The dragon tower is on the right side of the dam. Click the tower to enter the first floor! You can upgrade the dragon tower to reach the highest floor. The Dragon tower is divided into many floors, each floor with easy, medium, difficult three level monsters. You could get better rewards and higher points from high level monster in the tower. Click the monster to check their troop details before battle, choose the most suitable monster based on your current power.

Troop Rules

  • You can’t change the troops after enter the tower
  • Redeeming the special buff is the only chance to change the troops in the tower
  • Redeem the points and use gold to get Buff on every 3 floors, the buffs will be shown randomly.

Dragon Tower Rewards

  • Weekly First Kill Rewards: For your first time killing of the week, you can get first kill rewards on every floor.
  • Floor Rewards: For your first time passing certain floors (multiple of 5, eg. 5, 10, 15…) of the week.
  • Basic Rewards: After getting the First Kill Rewards, you can still win Basic Rewards for killing monsters on each floor for the rest of the week.

Dragon Tower Battle Rules

The monsters in the Dragon Tower are formed with troops at various levels, amounts and attributes. You need to play wisely to pick your target, and to reduce your loss. You need to start from 1st Floor every day. Troops will be injured in each battle, but all the fights in Dragon Tower are just simulation, which means they will have no effect on you real troop amount in the normal fights. After clearing each floor, you can treat some of the wounded to keep your power and continue the challenge. The healing will take time, and keep increasing the higher you go, even if the troop amount and level are the same.

Suggestions: Heal a part of your troops after every challenge. It is helpful to recover your power to move on.  Healing troops will take some time. It will take more time while you are healing the troops on higher floors.

Exchange for Buff

After beating a floor, you will get rewards and points. If the floor number is a multiple of 3 (eg. 3,6,9…) You can use points and gold to exchange a troop buff in the Dragon Tower, which can help you in the fights. Please note that these buff items are only effective in the Dragon Tower.

 Wipe Out

When you make it higher than the 10th floor, you can use Wipe Out for the remainder of the week. With this feature, you can go directly to a certain floor (Your highest floor of the week -10). For example, if you made it to the 21th floor, you can wipe out the monster and go directly to the 11th floor. However, if you already choose to start from the 1st floor, then you cannot use Wipe Out.

Wipe Out Rules

  • You can activate[ the wipe out mode] once your best challenged floor is higher than the 10th floor.
  • The wipe out function will take you to the specific floor (Your best challenged floor -10) and bring the corresponding reward and points directly to you.
  • You can’t use wipe out function if you start the challenge from the 1st floor.

Check Other Lord’s Records

You can check others challenges in the tower. It is the best way to learn how to match troops and win the challenge.

Lord Records Tips

  • Check the troops of the monsters in the tower before you challenge.
  • Use a Maximum March item to bring more troops into the tower
  • Redeem the suited buff in the tower to strengthen your troops. You can only choose one buff each time. Use your points carefully.
  • The wipe out function will save time for you.
  • No troops will die in the tower challenge.
  • Click the blue icons on the left top to check your current buffs.
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Clash of Kings Dragon

Clash of Kings Dragon Egg

Clash of Kings Dragon Details

Clash of Kings dragon can be obtained from a dragon egg. It houses its own set of abilities, combat attributes, skills and its own power. You can enhance its abilities by upgrading it.

Increase Dragon’s EXP

You can spend resources or gold to increase the dragon’s EXP.

Upgrading the Dragon

When the dragon’s EXP reaches 100%, you can spend a particular item to upgrade it. The dragon may bring back some essential items for upgrading.


When the dragon levels up, its attributes and power will be increased. It will unlock new skills as it reaches certain levels. The dragon’s skills are so powerful they can bring you buffs and help you in the battle.

Dragon Skill

Use it to learn the dragon skill, and gain a new ability! You can get the Lucky Chest (Dragon) from the Dragon Tower and Traveling Merchant, has a chance to give the Dragon Flame! (Check the obtained Dragon Flame from the Items)

 Learn the skill

  • After using the Dragon Flame, the obtained Dragon Skill will be displayed in the dragon skill slot, you can choose to learn the new dragon skill, to replace one of the previous skills.
  • The replaced skill will be move to the skill slot, so you can re-use this skill anytime when you want to.
  • The primitive skill of the dragon cannot be learnt by other dragons.
  • You cannot learn new skills with a locked skill slot, level up the dragon to unlock more skill slots.

Note: The ultimate battle skill (last slot) is exclusive for each dragon, unable to switch to other skills.

Skill Upgrade

  • You can upgrade the dragon skill, higher level will bring stronger buff
  • You can get EXP for upgrading from absorbing other dragon’s skill
  • The absorbed skill will disappear and no longer exist in the skill slot, please select the skill carefully.
  • High quality skills need more EXP to upgrade, so when absorbed, they are good materials with high EXP.
  • High level skills in the same quality are also good material (more EXP) for absorbing.
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Clash of Kings The Tower of Exile

Clash of Kings The Tower of Exile

Clash of Kings The Tower of Exile Details

Clash of Kings The Tower of Exile involve the soldiers that are killed in Kingdom Conquest that will become exiles and go to the Exile Tower which located in the corners of the Black Belt. When the war concludes, the king can open the Tower’s gate, allowing Lords to recall exiled soldiers by donating Holy Candles.

If Kingdom Conquest has ended, and the King does not open the Tower of Exile, then the gate will open automatically after 12 hours.

The Exile Tower is only open for 2 days. when closed, all exiled troops will be completely lost, and will no longer be able to be recalled. You can check the countdown in the interface of the Tower of Exile.

Recall Ceremony

The Tower of Exile has two rooms, Kingdom Room and Personal Room. The exiled troops will separate into two groups and join these two rooms. If you have lots of exiled troops, the troop amount will be almost even in both rooms. If you have a smaller amount of exiled troops, then most of them will enter the Personal Room.

The Kingdom Room is filled with common exiled troops shared by the whole Kingdom. They will be recalled based on the number of Holy Candles used by the whole Kingdom. When the Recall Ceremony is over, a certain percentage of the exiled troops will return to the Lord’s castle (more candles donated by whole kingdom, higher percentage.)

The other group of exiled troops will be in the Lord’s Personal Room. When you donate the candles to the Kingdom, some of the troops in personal room will also get recalled. In this Room, the returned troop amount is correlated with your total exile amount (more exiles you have, more can be recalled back.)


The King and Ministers can bless the exiles, which will directly increase more exiles for your kingdom.

  • Note: Some players have found this to be BROKEN!
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